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    3babies-i am right there with you! i am still trying to hold out hope since af is due friday but now i am gettin af like cramps so the hope is starting to fizzle out 🙁



    Hope it gets better Sarah. Saza, I’ve been thinking my AF is coming too since i’ve been cramping so bad all week, but nothing yet.


    jun…did you get a for sure bfp before the blood?



    must…do…. housework… ug. DS is napping, so now’s my chance. Catch up later! Mmmm ketchup… on a jumbo beef frank on the BBQ…well, maybe just 1/2 😉 better go get some ice water with lemon while I sweep!



    Hi ladies, those of you using the OPKs are you noticing that you are having the same positive day? I am on CD8 and got a positive on CD19 last month and got a positive on CD19 with my son, just wondering…thanks!



    Thanks thebigtomato… I don’t even remember how many days a normal cycle is for me. I’ve always had issues with my cycle, but I have never TTC, pregnancy just happens for me.



    Just watched the last episode of Teen Mom…LOVE IT! I don’t know if you all have watched the show, but it is definetely a tear jerker! anywho, AF is due tom or the next day, hopefully we skip out for a few 10 months or so!! LOL congrats to all the BFP’s!! happy pregnancy!



    this next two weeks are going to drag, i’ve decided to do a test on my birthday april 14th and it feels like forever!!!



    Oh I see Lil!


    Now I wanna test too! Fun!



    horne i had no symptoms when pg with dd except for missed AF & only wen i thought back to it had i realised i was slightly over emotional (nothin new there then! lol) but that was it, until about 8 weeks pg then i got sick….theres still a chance, shes not showed her ugly face so i think u could be 😀


    OH cpalmer im so sorry to hear what you are going thru heres lots of BABYDUST that sticks xoxoxoxo



    sorry to bore u again re OPKs but seriously ladies…i took 1 this am (not with fmu, but with 2nd) & then iv waited 2-3hrs & done another (made sure i didnt drink much during that time) – so on the 1st test there was a good faint line, not ‘that’ much darker than the control line but still a neg, now the test i jst done there barely had anythin on it……do u think im gettin my surge through the night & catchin the tale end in the morning?????


    I think thats why i get upset more i have got as baby due in the family and my best mate and neither of them are 100% keen



    Hi ladies, I have a question for anyone who has had a chemical pg. I just had a chemcial pg and my last hcg level was back to 0, I was bleeding for 5 days but even after I stopped bleeding when DH and I do the deed I start spotting. I am still having slight menst like cramping still 5 days after I stopped bleeding. So my question is, did any of you have spotting and cramping still even days after bleeding has stopped after a chemical pregnancy?

Viewing 15 posts - 19,816 through 19,830 (of 131,346 total)

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