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    Cpalmer-is there an echo in here? LOL



    Hey ladies! I’m new to this site, and you seem like very knowledgable people ..
    I had a ept on Monday (oct 18) early in the morning .. I ran home quickly from an early lunch to take one, took a quick glance, and (thought) I saw a negative, came home after work, took a peek at it and it was positive … i took another one later that evening, it was negative (but it never turned positive) as well as I took another one the next morning (also negative) I went to the doctor and her’s was also negative but she advised me that I more than likely AM pregnant, but that I would have to wait until I missed my period, which would be in about 9 days. Has anyone ever had an experience like this before? Having a positive then a negative? I FEEL pregnant too, in my previous pregnancy I had a stillbirth at 5 months .. so i am very anxious to know!! Thanks so much for your help!



    This month DH and I are officially TTC…. I’ve never TTC,pregnacy has just always just happend. I need a buddy, or some buddies.. Lol bcuz I don’t wanna go nuts trying. So ladies please welcome me with open arms and hearts.. And forgive me if I have any dumb questions!!



    terra im so sorry to hear that 🙁 thoughts are with you darling x littleonesmom welcome to the ttc forum, hope ur journey is a quick one xx weegee hope it all sorts out soon so u can get back to bding x mommykeisha..could be implantation bleed instead of AF? i say TEST! maggie, i had a funny tugging type feeling a day or 2 hoping implantation for me! will let you know next week! xx



    Thats a good one cherry!!!!! good come back!!! How fab would that be…. maybe Easter eggs aint the only thing the Easter bunny brings!!


    jj thank you so much. I don’t even know what to do with myself right now. My husband thought I was lying to him LOL


    im ok mommy of 3 ill look forward to trying again this month good luck to all you girls im going to use a fertility moniter this month see what happens


    I know I think it should be 6 months if you’ve already had kids. With my two it took me 4 months for both. So I guess it isn’t bad but I just hope its not years. My neighbor took 7 years with one of her kids. I would die.



    I think I am driving myself crazy, lol My body is playing some nasty tricks on me i think. I am having to pee every half hour and I am feeling achy pressure in my lower belly. I wonder if I may be getting a UTI…hummm what do you ladies think. It is so early to be pregnancy related I think. I just ovulated yesteday..i think



    congrats angel!!!!



    Trying, i felt like that since O but not today lol weird…



    KatieA, where did you read that the decidual bleeding may impact a test result? I have never heard of that before. I know some women have trouble getting a BFP on a urine test, but hCG always metabolizes in the blood when pregnant, so that result would be accurate. Decidual bleeding is very possible – my son ‘tricked’ me when I bled lightly for three days… never knew I was pregnant until I was almost 8 weeks as I thought I had a period.



    Good Morning Girls! Got back really late last night! Going to the doctor in 1 hour. VERY NERVOUS.



    TTC.our.first~~I agree with DH but it’s easier than done! lol I have no clue where to begin with my cervix!!



    Ok, now I’m back at work 🙂 Oh how much fun… well I am still gonna stay positive.. although I know once AF finally does show up I will probably cry and be upset (even though I already know I’m not pregnant) that is when the real disappointment will hit me.

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