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    Redbeamer- I know what u mean im due for AF Thursday and i too want to test but i did not buy hpt so i would not give in and test. Girlfromab-Thank you looking forward to all the bfps on here soon xxxx



    The babies would be born the same day. With me, my sister was born, but they had to manually go up and pull me out b/c I wasn’t ready. But yeah no matter what the second one has to come out.


    Thank you Terriann!



    Thanks ladies!! Well, looks like hubby is cut off for a week!! lol


    Terriann let’s cross our fingers..Try again later!!! .I’m testing tomorrow night if af doesn’t visit me!



    alison, if you can wait until the day your period is due, your very likely to get an accurate result. Most women will get a BFP by 10DPO (verrrrry faint on a sensitive test) but some won’t show until AF is late. Good luck!



    bigfam: i think it mite be a little early you are most likely at implantation stage 🙂 so there is still hope leave it for a few more days



    nire86: i did one yesterday and wasnt fmu. wat day are you??


    99 cent store lol I like to be impatient tomorrow ima invest in something better lol



    CONGRATS to all the new BFP out here. Way to go ladies. Hope the next 9 months are healthy and happy ones. @ loopylou24 -> I used pre-seed and only filled it to the 3 mark and even then there was a little that drains out. I would start with that because after we bd I was so wet (sorry TMI). I honestly felt like I peed or something lol. Keep your hips raised for 15-20 min after. DO NOT GET UP OR PEE. GL hun fx for you.



    what were your temps like in the past 6 days, ali*l? I’ve been doing a lot of temp research and found a great temp adjuster but basically its 1 point per 30 minutes and if its more than 4 hous from normal time jsut don’t bother with that one. is it normal to cramp some after O?


    Looks like everyone is gone:( I’m gonna go and do some cleaning…. So if anyone whats to come on in the next minute or so, that would be great, lol.



    Good luck Amanda! We r also trying to have fun with this and just not preventing at this point in time. I figure if I’m not pregnant by april or june I will try body temps and ovulation tests



    Thanks for your encouraging words lovely ladies . I guess that’s why I love this forum. Oh well, cd 3 for me. This time I will use opk’s and see how it goes.



    precious – that is really useful to know, as I can never tell the defference either! 🙂

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