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    Keegansmommy- I’m feeling same way. My boobs hurt so bad and nausea already started a couple days ago… Hope it’s a girl but my first (a son) also hit early so who knows? Best of luck though!



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    I think AF is almost gone already! Besides the awful cramps, it actually wasn’t much different than my natural period. Currently, it isn’t even heavy enough to reach my pad sooo woohoo! I’m doing my best to just not really pay attention to it. I’m convinced the Lord is keeping us from conceiving while we’re living in these conditions. Maybe that sounds silly, but I wouldn’t be surprised. Either way, I’m going to steadfastly ignore which cycle day I’m on, BD when I want to, and give it all to Him because He knows best.


    Im trying to stop testing now i thik its best until atleast AF should b due. So monday at earliesrt Tomorrow will be tough…But Ive got to dicipline myself and saY NO! My bbs hurt early hours this morning and tingly to touch but now theyve calmed down kinda….is that normal? like sumtimes more sensitive than others? or am i a weirdo? lol…



    Rachie83: your definitely a fighter to have gone through all that! I pray this time is quick and easy 😉 I am glad you O on your own! I didn’t have any side effects from clomid, other than the extreme dryness and toxic cm but I noticed with Femara I got ‘warm’ flashes. It felt like when you drink something hot and get warm from the inside out. It wasn’t bad or anything not enough to make me notice. I hope that means it was working 😉



    Haha! Yeah come on BFPs!! :0) lol. Hmm I feel like I’ve said this before…. ;0) And yes you are so going to end up being 6 weeks Alicia lol :0)



    This waiting game stuff stinks!! I’m not suppose to get AF until a week from today, but I’m already feeling ‘achey’ in my abdomen… We technically arent really ‘trying’ until next month. So, if I get a BFN I’ll be ok with it…(or so I keep telling myself).



    LilMrsK – I remember you. I’m back to TTC after having a child 6 months ago.



    congrats coco x



    reno, is it a fertilityfriend chart?



    Rach3017 – So sorry:/..Im cursing Wondfo’s right now too. I know batch/lot #111150-3 was bad and giving false positives, but mine is a different lot. Typical I would find the one crap one in my lot and sounds like you got a handfull in yours. Ive never had an issue with them, and most people I know prefer them. FX we are just having REALLY bad luck with the tests and the actual BFP is just waiting for the right stick:)



    Thanks gill!! Hopefully this is your month.



    TanyaNFicher yesterday I thought I had that feeling in my boobs when they feel up with milk . I also took a test and BPN , I still have it in my head that I have tested too early. I can say this about trying for a baby is I notice so much more about my body that I never noticed before .ZUZKA Happy Birthday ! I hope you have a great one .My husbands b day is tomorrow too ! We are going out for sushi tonight .MAYBE1MORE , those test are very expensive and it is a let down when you pee on them and think wow that’s it and throw it in the trash ..MOMOF3BOYS every time I have got pregnant I always had butt cramps .weird ! Good luck I would say it could be a sign .


    Congrats Shay!!!! I had that happen with my DS. I had to go in every 2 days for an ultrasound and they were finally able to see him where he was supposed to be! 🙂 They though I was having a tubal pregnancy because I was in alot of pain!



    lil.pigz- i am very literally in the same boat.. lol i am 1 dpo and whe werent able to have sex the day prior.. Tossed in my towel for the month but oh well. BUT the good news for me is that i ovulated right on time! Which i wasnt ovulating on time or just not ovulating prior to taking vitex. so at least its now more predictable for me! YAY! lol small win but i will TOTALLY take it! lol

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