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    I’m supposed to be working here….much too excited though!



    Maybe your BFPs are on their way with the food cravings!! One can hope


    And you do deserve an apology but its just not worth it


    ca21…my estrogen and pros levels are normal but my cycles are really long so I’m thinking there’s a chance I might get a prescription…???


    Lol im not reading into them anymore its not so upsetting when AF comes – why are AF symptoms so much like pg symptoms thou AF is still 8 days away so who knows


    jjs..oh be excited it’s a new adventure!!! let us know how it goes



    have fun diane 😉



    Oh – boo! Well I think I am going to make a dr, appt to see what’s up since this is day 5 no period and I am having cramping now.



    Did Love get a test?


    3babiesmom~~ I LOVE TEEN MOM!!! Especially Catelyn and Tyler!!!!



    Ahoy gals 🙂 Clayli – with the pillows under the hips, I find it’s best if you set the pillows up before you BD… after, I have DH fold a big body pillow I have in half – then put it under my feet – gives my legs somewhere to go – it is an odd angle… the other option is to BD upside down on the bed so your feet are facing the headboard or wall and your head is at the foot of the bed – once done BD, you can rest your feet on the headboard/wall… socks back on is a good plan – or you end up with feet prints everywhere!! LOL – I thought when we started all this it would seem like work, but it is usually quite funny – keeps BD interesting… all the pillows can come in handy 😉



    Good luck to you for TTC when you’re ready LilPa – it’s great to be so forward thinking!



    Lia-I hope that’s a good sign for you! We’re having homemade chicken wings tonight-wanna come for dinner? You bring some pizza and we’ll do the wings….



    welcome the forum ashely & welcome to the journey of TTC – i hope its a happy 1 for ya & if u need any advice you’ve defo came to the right place 😀


    My jeans are feeling really tight but I had a crazy huge period last month… Cleo… maybe I’ve been preggers all along too!!! Wouldnt’ that be something? I’ve got heartburn like you wouldn’t believe, but other than that, no symptoms. Besides feeling fat. But I think that may be due to lack of excercise and a love for cheese. Just sayin….

Viewing 15 posts - 20,326 through 20,340 (of 131,346 total)

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