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    Today is my youngest son’s birthday! He turns 1!



    yayy for all the bfp’s…. now wheres mine???… well i hope all you ladies are having a great day… hubby bought a new riddin mower and he has mowed the grass fri sat and today… i guess its his new toy…lol


    yes def keep us posted! My DH and I are currently TTC #2 and i am trying to stay positive too but it is really hard at times! especially when things happen like what you are going through! I hate that 🙂 Hopefully you will see that BFP soon so you don’t have to keep waiting and worrying!!



    Good Morning TTCbby1


    heymickey83–I’m 4-6 dpo. Not testing, or checking cm or bbt, but I know around when I ovulated from the cramps, etc. Breasts aren’t quite as sore as they were, but still pretty sore. I’m still eating everything in sight! I’m going to try to hold off testing for another week, but I don’t know if I’ll make it. LOL



    Hey Ladies! My hubby and I just decided that we are ready, and are going to ttc in September, does anyone have suggestions on folic acid and vitamins and stuff? Any good pre-ttc tips?? I’m excited to get our family started, and waiting till Sept will be brutal, so I’d really like my body to be ready.



    Well I decided to take the digital when I got home from work and I got my BFP!!!!!! I’m shaking!!!!!!



    morning ladies.. I was just reading all the chat from over the past few hours..

    CPalmer- so sorry to hear about a BFN.. but AF isn’t here yet so don’t count yourself out- we are all rooting for you to get a BFP!!!

    Hopin-4-a-blessing: You asked about FertilAid.. I am almost finished with my 2nd bottle.. I am still not pregnant but it does say to allow at least 3 months for your body to get the full effect. I have noticed that I get less breast tenderness & cramps before AF and my AF wasn’t as heavy and only lasted about 4 or 5 days which it normally would last a full 7.. so IDK I am still trying to stay hopeful.

    Nickiwants1— CONGRATS ON YOUR BFP!! YAY!



    katiea~ 2 faints is most definitely a BFP. Are you late yet?



    Dont get me wrong I am so very very excited!!!



    mommykeisha ~ Congrats on your BFP!!!!!


    Wow i so want to try some they look yummy – im gonna see if i can get them in the UK anywhere lol



    Joelyne ,ya if that for us too, and I always tell myself that im not going to test early and get my hopes up but I always do… Blessedbee I would be happy with a faint line.I thought even if a very light line shows up that means your pregnant.and I so know what you mean by tilting it around, and skwinting at it…I just sat there and looked at mine for like 10 min…lol I had to look under the light..Look at it in the outside light..Tried everything..At one point I even let my mind play a trick on me cuz i saw a line..Then looked at it again it was gone…lol Sorry about everyones AF ..Hope you all the BFP’s you are all dreaming about soon 🙂



    Yes C it does look good.
    Has anyone here been checking the CP?? I have noticed today that mine is lower and firm today and last Thursday it was high and very soft. I’m wondering what the difference is? Also my pink CM is now no longer there and is normal almost nothing so will see if AF appears tomorrow (even though I have no idea when it will appear due to my extended MC) or if it’s implantation bleeding!! Can only wait and see!



    ref maybe it will b fourth month lucky for us 😉

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