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    Christine – I’m trying to just relax and hope it happens but that ain’t happening. I already know if I fall pregnant this cycle baby is due the 9th June 2012. I really hope this is our month



    i’ll keep you guyz posted on what’s brewing inside me



    Can anyone help? Going a bit nuts my 28 day cycle is 1 day late (unusual) have thought I could be pregnant after having unprotected sex with my on the 11th and 12th day of my cycle (With my 2 previous pregnancies the longest ttc was 2 months). So when AF didn’t turn up I did a test and it was a bfn. With previous pregnacies I had no symptoms 1st pg I detected pg pre period and the 2nd was detected on AF due day. I also had an implantation bleed with my first but not with my second. Have only tried 1 type of pg test which is meant to pick up 7dpo. I know I ovulated because I had ferning on my maybe baby day 12-16. Also when my hubby and I bd I didn’t think about it at the time but I had increased libido and ewcm. Suggestions pls.. I would love to be pg but bfn not giving me much hope



    im still learning about th af cycle and wht day to start as cd 1. dianes page has been very helpful too



    Took another test today and BFN. 🙁 I am 9 DPO now and I know it’s a little early to take it but my hopes are up and I really want to know before my parents and I go do our food booth at a tournament because I will be carrying heavy stuff.



    lol diane, me and wanna had a ball last nite, check out the morphthing photos 🙂 my kids will be cuties 😛
    sorry to hear that two2 🙁 hang in there hun! stay positive!



    Congrats happymama and to all the BFP!!



    cpalmer – I just worry that is all I just wanted to know if that was normal besides going 10 times to the bathroom


    Does anyone else have super stretchy white cervical mucus that comes out in clumps? I am approx. 10dpo and can’t figure this out?!!



    Good luck aluehring and anyone else in the 2WW!



    Just a short ranting/venting for you ladies- FIRST I wanted to say a quick thank you to all of you ladies who either commented or sent me a private message in regards to what’s been going on with my son. I am feeling much better about the situation- and just telling myself that it’s best he’s getting the help NOW rather than later on in his schooling career. So again, A HUGE thank you to all of you ladies support.
    SECONDLY- I haven’t the slightest idea what’sgoing on with my body…took several tests- all BFN’s- AF came and went, and yet I’m still SO exhausted. I think yesterday- I took about 3-4 naps- even if 30min-1hr. And having constant headaches- but DH and I haven’t BD since BEFORE AF…Also, I’m carrying about 5 extra pounds of water weight- the past 2-3 days, I’ve felt so bloated, and my FINGERS hurt- like feeling swollen, and couldnt wear my wedding rings. And a few years back- I was in a pretty bad car accident that I had a hematoma in my lower abdomen- and its always been relatively unnoticeable, but yesterday- before shower- looked in mirror naked(big mistake), and noticed how swollen I am in lower abdomen, and sorry if TMI- but also the area right above my vagina (bikini area), I told Dh, and he looked at me like I was some sort of freak or something. lol. I have a feeling it has to do with salt and water intake,but was wondering if you ladies might have some recommendations/advice/suggestions for me. LASTLY- Ok, sorry I know this is a long post. So my son’s occupational therapist comes over this am, and I notice she’s wearing maternity pants,and I’ve been guilty of doing it when I’m not preg. bc they’re just so comfortable, but her tummy was looking a little rounder- but I didn’t want to offend in case she wasn’t so i didn’t ask if she was preg. I just asked if they were maternity pants, and she then goes on to tell me that she was expecting,and was about 4 weeks along. So I told her congrats- but deep down inside- just choked back from saying- oh yea we’d have about the same due dates if I was preg. too….lol….am I going crazy?



    saza-Wow sounds very promising!! Question-Is cp being low a sign that ovulation has occurred? Should it stay there if you are pg or will it move back up?



    Hi Ladies I just posted using the name gabbagirl but I opened a new page since its a new journey, the gabbagirl page I used for my last pregnancy. Looking forwarto all your insight



    wanna- Im so sorry to hear that.



    well the very best of luck 🙂 and lots of babydust to you xxx

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