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    Brandy…. im praying those lines are real!!



    Honestly no, and that makes me paranoid. HOWEVER.. that being said I DID notice a HUGE lack of my normal PMS symptoms. Two in particular…. acne and moodiness. I get horrible acne one week before and am SUPER moody, neither of that happened. Same thing in August when I got a BFP… both of those were lacking then too so I knew something was up! If you go to my profile I have a blog up though of every little symptom I thought I had, going by DPO! Well, I take that back.. as of late yesterday I have had some pregnancy symptoms which I wrote in my blog for 11 DPO.



    hi everyone!! how was your day?? im baking a cake for my first graders, cause we’re gonna have a tea party tomorrow to learn a few things… i just have a q for you ladies with babies or tods…how bad is a winter baby really or is it not that bad? pro’s and con’s?? thanx!!



    Welcome newbies. ElizeT- my prayers are heading your SIL’s way. FX all goes well.



    ready…seems like it may still be too early to test hun 🙂 wait a couple days and try agin, good luck!!



    Katmoma – wth i hope AF comes soon for you! damnkat – boo to AF


    gratz amanda on your BFP, thats happy news



    Oooh my god!!! Got a positive ladies! It’s faint but definitely there!!! Soo happy! I’m only 8/9 dpo so iwast gonna test but feel a little off and sick and had 5 dollar store tests and thought what the hell why not 🙂



    sorry i haven’t had an experience with a D&E ladybug, but i think that the best thing to do (unfortunately) is to wait it out



    i have 2 boys and a girl and when i was preg the last time i was wishing for a girl and when i lost him we found out it was a boy so either way i’d be glad to go the 40 weeks and just have a healthy baby but deep deep doen i’d love another boy to sort of replace Cathal. well i dont mean replace, he will never be replaced but i feel lie it would be like getting him back if that makes sense. but as i said either way i would be happy. girls are sooooo much fun though!!!! i swear i cant go shopping without buying something pink :))



    Hi, ladies! My day has been eventful to say the least. I’ve had horrible muscle spasms in the neck/shoulder lately so I got into the doctor today. Had tons of blood taken, poked and prodded, and xrays done of my entire back. Hopefully, they can figure out whats causing this. And luckily I timed the appoinment after AF and before O so no worries with the xrays!
    Does anyone know whats included when doctors generally do blood work? I have a gyno appt next month…can I have the paperwork sent over to my gyno or will they require a whole separate battery of tests (I’m going in so hopefully they can tell me why my cycles are crazy). Sorry for the long post…



    Hello ladies! Hope you are all having a great weekend! Congrats to any BFP’s and sorry for any unwanted AF’s! Just got home from the Christmas parade by our house…I can not wait for Christmas! Would be 10 times better if I get a BFP! I have a feeling I may be out this month though…DH and I have only BD 2 times. However, I have not gotten my positive OPK yet but I just feel like he is under a lot of stress with his dad which I completely understand but just dont have a good feeling about this month but we will see! Good luck to anyone testing in the near future! FX for you ladies!!



    amanda…im soooo HOT!! its like 40 degrees out 🙁



    Thanks amw 🙂 I believe we all will get our BFPs… Sometimes its a bit of a bumpy road but when we fall off the horse, we have to get back on if we really believe in it!!



    thanks cpalmer 🙂

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