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    CD47/103….discussed the hives with my general physician….he’s so lame….he couldn’t come up with an answer other than saying ‘I can make you an appointment with a dermatologist.’ Can’t wait for Sept. 23 because then I can talk to a REAL doctor. SUPER STICKY BABY DUST TO ALL!



    mommy if ur temp didn’t drop I’m gonna say no. my temp dropped and later the same day af showed.



    morning ladies…ughhh cd9 and AF is still in the building, she has been really light (usually pretty heavy) and i know i had a long cycle and thats why shes still here but why has she been so light!?! its so weird, ugh i wish my body would work properly! and also wish that AF would freakin leave because 12 days without BD is too long haha! how is everyone????



    So does your temp get high when you ovulate?



    This is the weirdest spotting of my life. I don’t know if I am supposed to count it as af or not…






    & congrats to those who got bfp since yesterday x



    Vonne if you don’t want to test and just wait to see if your temps stay high for 18 days you could do that. That is all that that means. When you are pregnant your temp doesn’t drop when AF is due. So if it stays high for 18 DPO then you can assume you are pregnant 🙂 Most people who temp don’t wanna wait that long though 😉 MOMIIB I never have much luck with the dollar tests. I am just gonna buy good ones now and only test if I really think I am pregnant. Blue dye tests are less trustworthy thats all I know. But if you go on countdown to pregnancy .com they have all kinds of stats on tests. Also 🙂


    Good morning ladies! So I still have very light spotting today, keeps changing from brown to light pink back to brown?? This is very odd for me! I have light af cramps on and off but very light. AF should be here tomorrow or the next day. Does anyone else get spotting like this? Oh yeah I took an opk yesterday and one today just for fun and the one today is a darker line then yesterday but still not postive. What do you all think? I had given up hope for this month until this weird spotting. Now I am thinking maybe????



    Oh and congrats to all the BFPs this month! I’m always checking in here to see if anyone else has been lucky! Super exciting. Wow and Dawn, hope its a positive for you!!! Good luck!



    Well, I am ttc for the first time. I was originally going to attempt the bbt method but I am too impatient for that method as it felt like a science project. We are now going to take the bd as often as possible method and hope for the best! Any suggestions?



    hi has anybody tried pre-seed? if so would u recomed it? i ordered a tube last night realy hoping this month is the right month 🙂 x



    Mommy to abi, Congrats!!!! How exciting. And kattie, Congrats to you as well! Alicia and baby, I need to stop coming In here bc I’m turning Into a poas addict. And I think, well its bot 70…lol. and that’s my justification. Lol…….af is due tomorrow. I normally cramp the day before and I’m not. Just bbs hurt so bad, woke me out of a dead sleep for lying on my belly. Anyone in the northeast get,hit with that snow storm? E


    Hi Ladies! Stopping back in from week 5 to see if there’s any new BFP’s 🙁 I just know there will be a boat load soon!!! I have been reading comments and my heart goes out to the ladies who are feeling down and disappointed. Plz don’t give up or get too discouraged!! I just conceived after 1 yr to the day of ttc. I waited till my AF was 4 days late before testing because i couldn’t stand the thought of another let down. and even though i had so many symptoms i convinced myself it was nothing. it hurt so much to see so many of my friends on here to get their bfp’s months before me and be so happy and even tho u r soo happy for them it still stings. I never thought i’d be standing on the other side now. I wish you all tons of baby dust and cant wait to see some of you wonderful ladies finally get your longed for sticky beans xxx



    i just got done drinking a cup of coffee and i feel like i just ate a whole cow im sooooo full. has anyone ever had that before?

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