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    Tryingfor1more- I’m so sorry to hear that you’re having a hard time getting pregnant and sorry to hear about your condition. My friend had kidney stones and she had a stent put into her kidney a few months ago (I can’t remember the exact time frame). She had the stent removed. She recently found out that she’s pregnant. Stay strong and know that there is hope 🙂 Good luck!



    ams – I was like that my first cycle too, those first two months were SO long and painful, I think we are all impatient for things to happen, but I think it gets easier to wait the more cycles you go through.


    @ andy , i am not sure if it is implantation bleeding last normal AF was 07/07/12 and my cycle averages 31 days i had bd on the 20th n 22nd and i should have Oed between the 21st m 23rd , i dont chart my bbt , but i do check my CM and it was fertile cm at that time of BD plus my partner had commented that i felt extra slippery on the 22nd . i also had the runs real bad when i woke up this morning as i have been alternating between that and constipation . i really am clueless about pregnancy .



    nm-just saw the abbreviations used thing after i posted…



    Hi girls! I was here a little over 2 years ago trying to get pregnant with my 2nd. I know how hard it is and how challenging it can be for some of you. There are few things in the world as frustrating as TRYING to get pregnant! Just wanted to share my story with you, maybe it could help you in your 2WW. A little background: I am 28. I have 2 kids (DS 3 and DD 13 months, who is still breastfeeding). We were not trying…we were using condoms, although not as they are intended (from the beginning!). Anyway, I was about 6dpo and started experiencing some lower abdominal cramps. The cramps continued over the next 3 days, along with some back pain. I seemed to be feeling lazy…not exhausted, just not wanting to do anything but sit on the couch and google pregnancy symptoms! haha! (this is the TMI*** WARNING!) Starting not long after the cramps, I was feeling really wet. Lots of watery discharge. Around 7 dpo, I started getting tons of EWCM! It was more stringy/gelatinous than my typical EWCM and there was tons of it for about 2-3 days. Then, I was getting what looked like sticky boogers! I thought ‘Hey, maybe I am ovulated…weird!’ But I was feeling really crampy, too, which was weird. I ended up using a hpt (New Choice, from the Dollar Tree) on 9dpo. I thought I could see a line but it was so, so, so faint! I was convinced it was just the antibody strip, not an actual positive. Total POAS-aholic! I tested and tested and tested! All of the tests had the super faint line…line-eye?! I still have 2 digitals, but the sensitivity is lower (50 mui). I had tons of symptoms, though. I couldn’t take it anymore!!! 11dpo today and I bought a First Response (FRER) and it was positive!!!

    Just wanted to share! This has been a lot different than my first 2 pregnancies. LOTS OF BABY DUST!!!!



    good luck ttcourfirst, im on my 3rd month of ttc number 5 , af due in around 6 days, soooooo hoping it doesnt show tho x


    thanks kristy … a friend of mine said it was probably bcuz i didnt drink a lot of fluids today . idk but i know your muscles tend to cramp up when your dehydrated . so im working on getting those fluids in me i didnt for the better part of the day . i also thought that maybe they are gas pains but i know what those feel like LoL and they arent quite the same .



    What does CM look like after implantation? Is it different than CM before AF? I can’t remember from the first time I was pg. I wasn’t paying as much attention to stuff like that as I am now.



    Congratulations fabfreak! I am so excited for you 🙂 Hey everyone, God is good! I took a pg test and it was bfn. Yeah… But hey, God is in contral. If I don’t get pregnant this month then that is the best for us because God loves me and you. so much so, that He died on the cross for OUR sins, ladies. For OUR sins?! Can you believe that?! Man, we are so blessed to have Him as our Father, friend and the best part yet, as our savior! Man crazy cool stuff. Well, this Sunday I will test again and see if I get my bfp. And if neg then wait for my af to show. Then after af then I have next month to take more test looking for bfp! Lol have a good day ladies. Oh and don’t forget God loves you! Keep looking up.



    I think VBAC. I have a friend who changed doctors in her third trimester because the first doctor keep pushing c-section. Her new doctor examined her and said she was fine for vbac. Listen to yourself and seek a second opinion.



    Ok check out the pictures I put up, they suck but I’m having a lot trouble getting past my digi telling me no when the faint line showed up on my regular non digi ones immediately..omg, that would such a let down.



    yep, as my mother always says, ‘women need women’ and times like these it’s more true then ever



    mommy of 2 my friend has had 2 beautiful little girls and she has pcos. she had to go on fertility treatment but with 2nd baby fell pregnant first attempt



    tAhuliasmum- You maybe one of the woman who still contuines to get a her period while pregnant usually happens for the first 3 months


    I think you should blondeoneill.. I know with out a doubt its what got me pregnant!! Let me know what the results end up being

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