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    Hi guys! Thanks for the responses! This whole thing feels so confusing! LoL. I haven’t been able to sleep all night I am just up trying to figure it all out! I also have been looking up about short luteal phases and just wrote a too long blog about it because this last cycle my luteal phase was low but I dont know if this is normal for me or what the deal is. Very interesting bex about the CM! Its SO weird! I don’t remember this type. Very strange! My hope won’t be up if I am not pregnant thankfully because I had prepared myself with AF coming and now gone but I am very confused to say the least! This stuff just can’t be easy!



    Hi ladies. New to the forum 2nd month ttc after stopping Depo in October. Baby dust to all.



    Well, I’m on lunch and off to the dollar store to pick up some cheap HPT’s. 🙂



    Hi ladies 🙂 I’ve been off for about 2 weeks because I got a new computer and the site wouldn’t let me on again. My old name was MomfromCanada. I got my BFP!!!!! I tested on Monday because hubby and I were gonna go for drinks this week. I was SURE I was not preg. I even thought I had all the signs of AF coming but just to be safe… I tested with a cheapy (pink) and was Shocked when I got my second line. My DD is Feb 2 so perfect timing 🙂 I hope to see many of you in the weeklies very soon 😀 Sticky baby dust! Remember, your not out till AF actually gets there



    any young mums out there



    Thanks aloha…..ladies who understands this cervix position stuff. I’m not sure weither it’s high or low but with my middle finger it goes up to my 3rd knuckle, it’s soft and very wet and I’m not sure about opened or closed. What in the world does that mean?


    hoping- I am supposed to test 5/28 as well!! Im getting so impatient!



    ****JUST enough to make me notice.

    Sry, darn phone!!!



    Lol yeh I rekon,. Ill be shocked coz yeh ill be nearly 6 weeks. That’s when my morning sickness kicked in with tahlia and I found out at 7 weeks. I just wanna be pregnant, and I don’t want it to be my body being stupid like it always is just for once I want the reason to be simple and pregnant, not unknown and shit haha



    Aloha, you are still way too early along to see a baby on ultrasound. Usually the earliest they will do an ultrasound is 6 weeks. But it sounds like your doctor is happy with the thickness of your lining and such. Hopefully they send you for another in 2 or 3 weeks for peace of mind. Congrats on the other BFPS. It got awfully busy in here with good news all at once! Rachie, good luck with your IUI. 3 follicles is the perfect number — some doctors will cancel the cycle if you have more than that. Here’s to hoping you catch one (or two!) of those eggs. I’m 11 dpo and no signs of AF yet. I think I’m going to test tomorrow if she hasn’t arrived yet.



    im sorry lil better luck next cycle x babydust to you xxxx



    Congrats, Coco!



    you can right click on your chart and save it on your desktop as a jpeg, then upload it to your photos, or you can then save it to a site like photobucket and get the ’embed’ HTML code. You have to paste the code here in comments, then click edit, and paste again in order to get the picture to show on the forum.



    Af is due today or tomorrow or even yesterday my first periods in 2 years have been the last 3 months have run 29-31 days so I am waiting. But I’ve been testing with opks and I keep getting positives, for the last week and a half. I know opks are not a good source of finding out pregnancy but a week and a half of positives? I am just trying to figure out what my body is doing. My dr said to wait till Monday to test. I want to poas and get it over with. Just would like a glimmer of hope.



    LilMrsK, I hear you. Early testing is the pits. I just wish that our bodies were designed to tell us when we are pregnant. Something like our pee turns pink if it’s a girl and blue if it’s a boy and a sweet color of lavender if it is twins. What do ya think?

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