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    pinkypink – it sounds like u r in a similar situation to me. Its a waiting game isnt it?



    I got an earlier appointment with my new obgyn. She’s making sure nothing funkys going on so i can make sure there will be no problems with my iUD removal.

    What does 2WW stand for?

    I can’t wait to be preggers!!!



    becky – yes i will ask them to. I just dont get it – i ovulated in the 24th December and I know i did cos i used OPK. My LP is usually 15 days – i am now 9 days late. I really do think that HCG would have shown up this late surely!!?? If i am not pg i just want AF to show up so i can concentrate on next month!!! I feel like crawling into a hole and never coming out!



    lol..on this page alone: LH, BV,PID, BFN, AF, BD, DPO, UTI, IVF, TMI, HMT, HPT, TTC, BD:)



    I use my mobile,so i assume its a problem with my phone,its annoyin i no,sorry ladies is any1 havin a quiet nite in like me,ive gone from 32inches 2 41 on my waist in 3days did that happen 2 any1 else,get 2 wk26,wth not even a bump,then bang,u cant c u feet anymore? Lol x



    Also, my AF is one day late, which is hardly ever is, don;t think I’ve been anything other than bang-on 28 days for about a year. I’m not pregnant though, have done 3 tests, one today, all BFN. AF is just doing this to taunt me!



    Hi Smallblessings!



    well ladies today i got a BFP!!!!!!!!!! i had actually started my first month of BC pills because hubby said we were done with out 2 kids, but God has a different plan because i got preggo anyways!! im excited as i did want more kids, i think hubby is still absorbing the info as he hasnt said much, i can tell hes a little disappointed 🙁 hopefully he will come around, hes a wonderfully daddy to our 2 kids and loves them very much!!!



    Have any of you noticed that there is an increase in the amount of women who have difficulty ttc after they’ve already had a child? I mean, I always thought women fall pregant easier after they’ve already had one. Maybe I’m just noticing it more b/c I’m in that situation. But it seems like every time I turn around, I’m meeting someone who is having difficulty ttc after they’ve had a child. Hmph.



    Ok, I am OV this saturday, and so far Im having a really good feeling. This is cycle #2 for us and last month we were being a little catious due to the Mirena I got removed on 5thjune. We have been BDing a lot and the feeling is just right. Here’s to all of us getting that BFP…..and Baby Dust to all. April babies here we come!!! Congrats and those who already got their BFP xxx



    Mrs. Lloyd… I was not aware that you could get Clomid online… I’d be careful, as you don’t know what you’re really getting if you get it from a private source. If Clomid is not covered by your medical plan, I think your doctor can still prescribe it – you just have to pay full cost, about $95/month to get the Rx.



    I think I am now 1DPO – my temps are crazy this month and although I had positive OPKs for 2 days and then a negative one – I still dont know if I O’d because my temp only went up about .4. Grrr. Makes me think this can’t be the cycle 🙁



    be back later, I have to go feed madison and take a shower.



    Yay, let’s post if any of us get any symptoms…unless you already have some:) i would love to hear what they are. Let’s hope the 2nd hurrys and we get our April babies. TWW should be two week torture lol



    we’ve done everyother day and everyday during fertile time and no sucess yet so who knows

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