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    morning chica!! did u test???



    Ugh- why now? Cold and ear infection/ sore throat / runny nose started last night… Shoot me. Lol


    tahlia- i wouldnt think its implantation since it was somewhat heavy like you said……but instead of a period it could have been breakthrough bleeding since it was so short..some women have ‘period like’ bleeding in the first trimester



    bcalove…congrats to you!!



    MomtoAbi, I’d wait till midday tomorrow to OPK, but BD tonight just for the helluvit hehe…yes that’s exactly what I’d be doing if I weren’t sitting here with a heating pad. AF that wretched troll is trying to rip my uterus out



    I to go wee immediatley after bd, I’ve ALWAYS had that habit. I have my 6 yo son, and I got pg last year October (sadly lost due to ectopic) but I got pg non the less. Ladies stupid question: is there ANY way I can be ovulating on CD8 , my cycles r 29days, I just feel sooooo crampy on my left side ( my good tube) …tia xxxx



    Hi ladies…. is it coming up to testing days for some?? try not to be diheartened if you test early and dont see a line…i had a shadow of a line at 13dpo and slight darker 14dpo….and i thought i actually had AF as i spotted for 5-7 days!!!(implantation i guess) so chin up girls and keep on keeping on…it aint over until the Preggy lady sings!!!! xox
    Congrats Browneyedgirl86& Nicolauk!! great news!!! a lot of may babies*~*~~*sticky wishes coming your way ladies *~*~*~



    Hey ladies! CD 17 and got my positive OPK this morning…Let the BDing commence! So excited about this cycle…Fingers and toes crossed its our month!!



    good luck diane!! 🙂



    I am on my second cycle of clomid. For my first cycle, I was on 25mg for days 3-5. Since I did not conceive that cycle and my hormone levels were low 7 days after peak/ovulation, my doctor increased to 50mg on days 3-5. I am also on HCG injections after peak/ovulation (days 3, 5, 7, and 9). I am low on testosterone, and I take that days 1-10. Some hormone diet, eh? Yes, I am a little nervous about multiples, but since I am not taking it for too many days at a time, I am hoping it won’t have the more typical multiples effect. We’ll see! I am really hopeful we’ll conceive soon. Am I right that it’s only recommended to be on clomid for 6 months and then take a break? Or is there not a ‘rule’ about it?



    time for my little man’s wake up snack! I thought it was a little later, as he usually naps for more than an hour, but not today – I’m being called!! Away with me!!



    banker-first round no s/e as it didnt work lol.. 2nd round omg hot flashes,blurred vision,headaches,severe cramoing in ovarys. this month not one single s/e, so for me every month has been different..



    mommycornwell – The accuracy of the test isn’t measured until the first day of your missed period so I would wait until Wednesday and test again. There’s just no way to know if it was too early and you got a false negative or if you aren’t pg. It could go either way still, so hang in there! 🙂



    Omg, ther are so many bfp it’s so hard to keep up with all of them! Congrats to all of you ladies that is great and I hope I can join you real soon



    aww your still in the game hun x you may have to wait till you missed xxx

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