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    congrats angel……well i am now day 11 in my cycle…. never counted days b4 so this is all new to me. I dont really know how long my cycle is so i just enetered 28 days and it says i should ovulate on the 2nd nov….. even if i am not pregnant right away , atleast i will be able to start tracking my cycles…… AF is rare while on the pill but did have a normal one last month once i stopped the pill. been 4 months since D&C….. 3 month on pill, the one month off…… now first month trying. this is really exciting, but i have a problem of becoming very obsessive with things, so the sooner it happens the better 🙂



    I see it!!!! I see it in the middle and bottom one!! I say you are preggers and its just early!!



    Di, i googled it and looked at a few different results, only one particular one said it can affect the blood results…i guess it just depends on the individual and how far along they are when the bleeding occurs though etc. im going to do some more hpt testing this week and see what happens..if AF isnt here by end of week will be gong to dr for blood work and maybe u’s


    crossing my fingers for y’all to have a BFP this week if not very soon! baby dust************


    marie. I think some woman can get them sooner in PG maybe your pregnant!! yay



    Well…my opk is indeed a negavite. But it was daker than yesterdays so thats a good thing.



    Kellyg>>> sounds like a good plan. Thats what gps actually tell you to do when you talk to them about TTC. All the best of luck! — havent seen any BFP yesterday…lets hope today is a better day! Anyone else testing?



    starburst, were you able to see a doctor about this?



    Ok, so i’m 2 days late, tomorrow I’ll be 3. I went to the OBGYN today to see if I was pregnant. They gave me an US even tho they know you can’t see anything at 4wks. So anyway they had me empty my bladder before the US and then after they sent me to draw blood for hcg count etc. When I got to the lab they wanted me to do a Pee test but I had just peed so they made me drink a bottle of water and pee again. Wouldn’t that make my pee test diluted and inaccurate? Anyway then they just said I was done, didn’t give me a result and I went home. Well I have to call them tomorrow and get my blood results tomorrow. I am nervous, wish me luck!!!



    Hubby and I had to deal with visiting relatives during ‘O’ time… we made use of an inflatable mattress on the floor 😉 verrrrry subtle 😉



    Hi ladies 🙂 Sorry iv not been on, i was at a wedding ALL day/night yesterday so i was busy busy busy 🙂 so this morning wen i woke up i had very very very faint pink cm on my panties…….i dont know whether AF is gonna come (after jst 15 days, AGAIN) or maybe iv BDd too much? or……something else?? i dont know! iv not had a pos on OPK yet, the closest i got to that was cd 9 but it was ‘quite’ as dark as the control line, but lets say i had my surge then, we bd’d cd 7 & 8 anyways so we couldve caught it if I Od then, im cd 15 today……wot do u guys think?



    ***strolls in and installs sweet smelling, BD and BFP inducing *~B~A~B~Y~D~U~S~T~* ‘plug-Ins’ – now there will be a constant circulation of babydust in the room… just have to remember to change the ‘refill’ every 30 days. *** Helloooooooo lovely ladies 😉



    CRAZY- im not due til the 17th.. but praying it doesnt come and i get my BFP




    thanks 🙂 its a big bummer but oh well. i am just upset we paid $150 for tickets we will never get to use now since we live in florida lol.. im just glad everyone is bding n getting those bfps



    Damnkat-mine was still positive this afternoon, but will be testing again tonight.

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