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    Don’t stress to much, that caused af to be late etc . Just try to relax and forget that your ttc I know its hard but its healthier


    Wyattsmommy- PRENATAL VITAMINS!! Maybe you’re already doing it…but I’m CONVINCED that that is what got me pregnant…well, that and a miracle. lol Sorry everyone, just poking around the site and reading out of boredom. 🙂 32 weeks pregnant today with our first…and absolutely horrified of how this birth is going to go. Not scared of the pain…but about the recovery. Was told I could never get pregnant (cervical cancer, multiple surgeries) and guess what? Right as we were thinking about looking into adoption I came down with the ‘flu’…well…ta dah!



    same here cherry, EWCM right before AF comes, how annoying lol



    congrats maamaamy! Wow I can’t believe all the BFPs lately. It’s fantastic! I wish I was in there too but so glad for everyone 😀



    S.Amos We had the same problem! It took him ages to get an erection and then he’d go soft half way through or not be able perform after 20 minutes of going at it… It was frustrating but he got it in the end… My problem was i was putting pressure on him and wasn’t spontaneous enough for him…


    I’m feeling so low :’-( really really low so fed up and frustrated don’t know what to feel anymore :”’-(((



    Unrelated TTC news, Hubby got posted so no more deployments for a while WooHoo!! can worry about baby making instead of trying to work around it if we decide to go back for a third, oh and congrates mommycornwell



    mommyof1ttc… they are starting! lol I just found out tonight I can’t eat McDonalds fries!!! That is just not right 🙁 lol



    kimkatb— he obviously knows we are trying. And he has been getting increasingly excited with me. LAST TIME I got pregnant, I expected the worse BUT he was soooooooooooo WONDERFUL! But it is getting old …. Hopes dashed… again, and Again. He he is turning into more of a skeptic now. He wants me to be pregnant as much as I do but he doesn’t want to be disappointed either. I’d love to present him with two nice dark HPT lines………………………….. And a GREAT assessment when we see the doc. A little while ago he said ‘well maybe you are coming down witha….. I don’t get sick hardly ever…. I didn’t even have a summer cold this year. 😀



    Today CD20, I had slippery clear cm, that literally fell out of me as I lifted up from the toilet, when i wiped it was tons of it (sorry tmi). AF came on 3/9 (with no symptoms, no cramps or anything) and i had some EWCM on 3/19 for one day, and then I was dry until two days ago where I got creamy cm again for one day. We bd all around that time to hopefully increase our chances. I been having cramps since Sunday, and i’m due for AF on 4/6. Please help! I dont know whats going on now.



    Is it the dark brown kind of spotting or red Saza?



    Vonne are you temping cause ff will only say you o’d if you are



    Cd 18 today, still not sure if iv ovulated. Any bnp? N sorry to here af showed up for some 🙁



    yes it was the same brand but iv used them loads before and always had clear negatives no faint line at all so im baffled i have another so il use it in a day or so with fmu xx




Viewing 15 posts - 21,061 through 21,075 (of 131,346 total)

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