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    so here i am still weein for englend still tummy and back cramps tummy has bloted and cane feel what im sure is my womb about two inches above my pubic bone, tummy is hard and my discharge has gone thick and sticky and white any ideas what that means?? i havent tested since the the two faint positives last week but seein my doctor tomoz xx



    ok that sounds slightly confusing!! we have def done it on 11th,13th,14th day im not sure if it was enough!



    Dawn- the clomid they said was for unexplained infertility… Also was getting cysts- been ttc since sept 2011. Lengthening my cycle bc my cycles are only 22-24 days… I haven’t had enough time for hormones to build up I assuming. I got a bfp in feb- and then miscarried at 6 weeks, and my progesterone was only at a 12…


    hey ladies….hows everyone been?? any new possible bfps???



    now I’m bugging… now af came about 3-5 days early. now I’m cd3 and its already becoming lite. I know it was af bc I had tons of clots (sorry for the tmi ). what kinda crap is this?



    Hay girls, was wondering if anyone has suffered from a leutal phase defect?? i’m sure there are lots – just wondered if i could chat to someone about it, i went to my fertility doctor today and he told me that everything is alright !!! last cycle, my leatal phase was 9 days and i had a 21 day cycle, he seemed to think that’s normal ?.?.? plse message my page about it 😉



    Madelmar17- thanks for the advice on getting a positive opk. Thankfully I did get one this cycle…the happy fa e gave me a happy face 😉 I think mine are irregular lately and I have been stressed so that can delay ovulation ad well.
    Kristy- I would take a day and relax. The doctor told me when I was spotting with my first pregnancy to lay down and keep your feet up. It sounds promising with the darker line too ! Fx for you 🙂
    You girls all rock!!! Love the support for everyone



    thebig- did you test? maybe its implation bleeding



    Carmen, I tried to get a good pic of it, but you cant really see it in the pic. Clearly visible to the eye, but not in the picture. I will try again.



    Well, cherry, you’d better find a way because I’m not waitin’ for ya! LOL



    Lyla- I have had this bleeding too! It’s something that never happened to me ever and now that I am TTC this has happened twice. It’s usually around ovulation time I have noticed. I have had pain after and during sex around ovulation lately as well. This month got a really early VERY heavy period too, clots and all. Have booked in to my doc when she comes back from holiday, so hopefully will get some answers. I self diagnosed on the internet and am now paranoid about ovarian cysts, best to get these things checked out I guess..


    Diane- that is a hilarious story. I used to teach Kindergarten and seeing something like that in a childs backpack would sure have given me something to laugh about that day!!! 🙂



    Dawn- FX!!!!! Post some pics!



    ok so lmp was sept 4th bd feelin a lil’sick to my tummy, peein alot, hungry {but thats maybe bc i eat alot lol} and bbs starting to feel tingly…mind u that ive took soy iso from cd2 till cd6 and did lots of bding with pre seed any chance i might be prgt?? i kw u guys r not my hpt lol but its nice to get sum advise!! ive been trying 4 over 3 yrs..hope this is my month!!!!!!



    Is are any of you ladies using caught syrup or have yall tried it for while tryin to get pregn

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