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    did we all answer that question at the same time haha!



    thnx madelmar!! also should you keep testing even after you have a poss? i dont do temping so i dont actually no the day i O, last month i got 2 positives on 10th and 11th but didnt test agen on the 12th, not sure wot that means :S lol as i thought once you got a poss you would O the next day.


    Diane-they are by Wondfo??? I think that is right, that’s what the box says. Excited – I have also had tons of CM since O. It has had me really confused about when I Oed but decided to go with the day my O calculator gave me and the day I felt O pains. But since then, for the past 5 days or so I have had tons of stretchy cm….hoping its a good sign!! 🙂



    Its a waiting game for u girls now..fingers crossed they will have answers for u. Mommyto1ttc-I know how u feel it took my husband and I 1 1/2 years to get pregnant and now for number 2 it has been a year. My husband has been tested and he’s fine and I’ve had ultrasounds and they were fine. I’m thinking I don’t ovulate every month some months I get a positive on the opk and dome months I don’t. It is soo hard and frustrating when everyone u know gets pregnant within 3 months.



    Sorry my ‘salad with tomato dream’ did not assist with a BFP for you this month thebigtomato – I’ll try extra hard to have psychic BFP dreams for all of you this month 😉



    I’m guessing SA is sperm analysis????



    It’s a ‘sperm friendly’ lube. Helps them get to the destination unharmed – if you know what I mean.



    Hi Gals! Congrats to BFPs! Really really sorry blonde… that is awful. Here’s to a healthy new pregancy!!! I tested today 4 DPO stupid I know… it was negative obviously.. I should buy stock in HPTs. But with my son it was really dark like darker than the control line at 8 DPO nd with the last one (I lost it was a pos 8 DPO. I need to breathe and wait it out. I don’t chart that would make me more crazy. Good luck everyone! Just wanted to say good luck and hello!


    Hey girls! I have a question for you all. I believe I am supposed to start AF on Tues or Wed. Not totally sure though because this is my first month off of the pill. Today I am having slight af type cramping and very light brown spotting. I do not feel pregnant at all, my bbs are not even a little bit sore but….I did have this same spotting about a week before af was due when I was preggo with my daughter. Do you all think this could be implantations bleeding or am I too close to AF. Have any of you ever started your cycle with light brown spotting?



    Hey ladies….ive been gone and off since January took some time off from ttc….the bfn were really bathing me each month….and when I came to see what was goin on with some of you ladies the page wouldn’t recognize my password or anything….so had to make… hello new group of ladies…little pumped I don’t recognize any of through name but thats a good thing cause that means they all got there BFP..!!!!!…So here I go again….four my third child



    Why are you so tired ArticArlz? It’s dreary here everyone in the office is unmotivated.


    EEEEK!!! Sunnyside – that is BRILLIANT!!! We’re in the same boat 😀 CONGRATS lovely <3



    Emma – My son is in my bed too. I thought it was ‘easier’ too while nursing since I didn’t really have to wake all of the way up. It seemed like a good idea at the time when I just about fell asleep holding him months ago in the middle of the night. Now, we both like sleeping together so its going to be a really tough habit to break! I’ll let you know if I find anything that works:) Wow, midnight to 9?! I wish I could just have that once a week or so! How nice!



    I’m not bloated…butch is kinda weird and kinda making me feel like I might be pregnant….because I’m not cramping like I’m about to start nor am I bloated…just have swore breast…that’s the only think making me feel like af is here…ugh. I wanna test so bad but every time I test af shows up an hour later…really tryin to hold on…



    i dont get it i have so many symptoms and im still getting a BFN : ( i wish i could just sprinkle baby dust and get pregnant lol. this is so hard on me and my hubby emotionally cause we want this so bad and we have been trying for going on 3 months now and still nothing its exausting. 🙁

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