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    LOL I have a love/hate relationship with autocorrect! Just the other day I wrote out the Happy Birthday song to my friend whose daughter just turned one…and it autocorrected ‘dear’ to ‘dead’. Worst ever!! I should send you that screenshot Amanda lol



    Gokatiego….the same thing happened to me last month. Totally out of the blue i O’ed on CD7. I had to use cheapy opk and clearblue digi to double check! I also bleed for 3 days during AF then stop then start again for one more day – thats the norm for all my cycles also.



    With my eldest son (now 10 years old) I was going out getting bladdered multiple times per week (17 years old!). I had a period monthly up until I was 8 months pregnant – except at around 20 weeks where I missed and is what made me test. Went in for a dating scan at ‘6 weeks’ only to walk away knowing I was having a boy and was 24w3d pregnant!!!! (I remained in UK size 8 until i was 33 weeks pregnant and didnt feel any dicernible movement until 28 weeks due to Anterior placenta) Imagine the *enormous* guilt I felt!!! I, personally, don’t drink while TTC, BUT at 10DPO I think is reasonably safe… Just be sensible 🙂 get drunk but don’t binge?



    Oh and also on the CM it would be very strange to have that be O or freshly following O with being on CD9 and I’d only O’d 9 days before AF started. Weird! Whats going on with us! lol



    Kzorn… So sorry. Hope they are wrong.


    shirls I love the dollar store for thier HPT thank god for them or I would be broke from buying them all the time lol.






    thnxx Ldybug1752 ..actually this is my first time using the OPKs since this is my first month TTC. hahahha i just read the directions and the best time to test after 12noon and i even googled about it said the samething,,thnxx will test tomorrow



    Dsquared i would class that as medium to high as ususlly when its high ya cant reach it x



    diane, (or anyone else who can answer this question) do you know if it would potentially be dangerous to use the progesterone cream/suppositories if you don’t know for sure if your levels are low?
    thing is, i had NO PROBLEMS getting pregnant with baby #1 or #2. Now, ttc #3 has been difficult. BFN every month when just a few days before AF is due, I can SWEAR I’m prego. I will have every symptom (nearly) and then they slowly start going away before I get AF.. I don’t get it.. I think what stopped me from getting pregnant last month was swine flu though. I had it and so did my kids. we got it when I was probably about 10 DPO so idk what happened there. maybe my immune system was too weak (if that affects getting pregnant at all..) AF came 2 days early last month (when I had swine flu) and NEVER has come early since I started menstruating when I was 14.
    anyways, my question is.. is it safe to use the progesterone if you don’t know what your levels are? I don’t know if I’m low or not.. I just can’t figure out why its so hard to get pregnant this time.



    Fx’d Duffy and welcome Laurajeen! 🙂



    & anyway either way my body is being gay, either im pregnant and it won’t give me a bfp or im not pregnant and af is just 10 days late for no reason haha



    Thanks all. I appreciate all of your feedback. I’ll take another test tomorrow.



    So we had 6 miscarriages before finally getting pregnant with our first child. Now that she’s 6 months old we are trying again. I’ve heard sometimes it’s like your body finally understands what it’s supposed to do and you don’t have any more miscarraiges. Is there anyone else on here that has had success getting pregnant right away after having such a hard time with their first?



    Thanks terri. But would ovulation be as late as this coming off the pill. It’s been 7 weeks! With my DS I came off pill and conceived 3 weeks later. Got a BFP 6 weeks after my withdrawl bleed

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