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    I went to my appt this morning. It was a complete waste of time. The doctor basically tried telling me that didn’t have a miscarriage. He also told me that at this time in my life I shouldn’t be having sex. This doctor doesn’t know anything about me and he wasn’t telling me that I shouldn’t have sex from a medical stand point he was saying that from a religious judgmental stand point. This is the same doctor that prayed with me at my last visit and also told me that sex is between a (married) man and woman. I only went to see him because I was under the impression (based on what I was told when I made the appointment) that they would do blood work and an u/s all in the same day and at the doc office. If I would have known that he was going to be a complete d*ck and avoid eye contact and talk to me for 3 mins I would have went to my original OB. He said what I experienced was from sign of my period coming. He doesn’t know what is talking about. I had really bad stomach tightness (the pain you feel in the beginning of pregnancy from the uterus stretching?), my boobs were sore, I was sick, I was ALWAYS tired, etc all the signs were there, and I was late. I’m NEVER late. I thought it was because of the medicine I’m taking Topamax (all of the side effects are similar) but I was wrong. My toilet is stained because of all the blood I passed so I don’t how the doctor had the nerve to tell me that I didn’t have a miscarriage when he didn’t even ANY type of exam. I called my original OB and the doctor and the nurse both said I had a miscarriage. I know I had a miscarriage.After I passed all that blood and fluid ALL of my signs and symptoms went away. If that wasn’t a miscarriage then what was it?!? Instead of trying to shove his religion down my throat he should have been more concerned about my freaking health. I’m happy that he’s willing to do an ultrasound because I refuse to walk around with afterbirth inside of me another six months. I’m so tired of running into stupid doctors. Last yr after I had my baby I told them something was wrong and they didnt listen as a result I had placenta in for me almost seven months and now this doctor is trying to make me go through something similar. I’m so upset. Talk about adding insult to injury.



    hey ladies, BFN here, 11 dpo and pretty confident that we somehow missed this month, even though I don’t think we could have done it any better. DH asked me today how long before we can get checked out and that lead me to wonder about these home tests for checking sperm count etc. has anyone here every used one? Any advice or input on these? I see two type on, one is 80 bucks the other is 40 bucks.



    well I told DH I was between 3 to 5 days late and he said what why didnt you tell me go buy a test lol I think thursday morning I will as we have to be at realestate at 9am tomorrow then moving all day then that makes me a week late im bound to get a correct answer by then 🙂



    @ luvababe – omg you have been trying for 3 years? im going crazy and ive only been TTC for 3 months. how do you deal with that? all the BFN’s ive been getting are making me crazy lol.


    Hello all! I am new to here. I have two boys and now are trying again (hopefully for a girl). The first time around I got pregnant the first month I tried. The second time was not so easy and turned out I wasn’t ovulating so I had to take clomid. This time around we are taking clomid. I am on the second day of my AF so I start my first round clomid tomorrow. I am nerous and excited and praying that it will happen right away. We shall see.



    diane no problem about the name lol. Thanks for the info. i read that its possible but i was just wondering from real people if it has happened to them.last month after getting 3 BFN i told myself this month i wouldn’t test until closer to when af is supposed to arrive but that urge is kicking in lol. I bought some of those early detection pregnancy tests off of ebay and was wondering if anyone knew anything about those?? I keep getting mixed reviews on them. I am still waiting for them in the mail and cant’ wait until they get here.



    Hey Ladies 🙂 I have been following posts for a while now and finally decided to jump in and admit I want another baby:) I have 2, and even though my hubby and I had always said 2 was enough, and in fact both came ealry and spent time in the Nicu, I can’t help but want one more sweet lil one. Feeling conflicted though because my lil sister just lost her sweet baby at 24 weeks gestation and I know if we were to get pregnant she would be hurt. What do you all think, should we wait just out of kindness for her? I am 30 and not that that is too old. but if we are going to have another one I would like it to be soon. Any thoughts??


    I got preggo on accident the first ime, m/ced at 8 weeks. Then tried for my daughter for 6 months (got pregnant when we decided to take a break), and tried 8 months for this one…



    Chai- I think that is a good plan! Test Friday and if BFN test again Thurs. lilmeh- I think I’m about cd17. I plan to test on the 10th or 12th. I wish I had more patience bc I found out with my first two on the 21st of the month. There is NO WAY I can wait for 3 weeks!!! LOL



    And welcome Precious-Jewel! :0)



    still just brown discharge but cervis is low and hard so af is coming sooooooonnnnnn!!!! DH and I just went to look at a stunning house on the coast. He saw third bedroom as an office, I saw a baby crib ha ha



    okay ladies…i must go get ready for yoglates class BBL


    OH comes home tomorrow night which also starts my fertile period. We havent seen eachother in two weeks and he will only be home for 1 night so fingers crossed! Lol



    The last person who left didn’t lock the doors! :0/ Freakyy!



    first month on clomid, finally got a postivie on a OPK today on CD17. now to do the bd and just wait, and go for blood tests next week to check progesterone levels.

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