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    eventful day on here. Sorry to hear you didn’t get your BFP Sherry! You all are such a wealth of good information. Good luck!



    ok one more thing lol if im getting +opk test 5days in a row an the doc says it might be coz its only been 3months since i had madi and im really really furtile and i had a period on the 24th and had af for 5 days and been getting positive opks for 4-5 days wen will i be ovulating lol all the sits say sumthng diffent and all u seem to now alot
    sorry it sounds jumbled up lol



    Im sooo crampy today. It’s not painful but it’s not the most comfortable feeling! Perhaps it’s just gas…who knows at this point! I should go drink some water and put my coffee down 🙁



    18 DPO when i got the first faint line and now 23 DPO. Thanks ladybug, I will come back and check to see how everyone is doing…I had not been online for a month or so because we decided to ‘give it break’.. I guess that’s when it happened. =) Thanks DeaS, I hope to have a healthy happy 9 months as well.



    Well, this evening is going a bit better. DH could tell I was out of sorts! lol When I started cookin dinner a bunch of stuff fell out of the cupboard on my head! lol But, after some deep-fried comfort food I’m feeling a bit better and the rum helps too! Hope this is the last time I get to drink for the next 9 months!!!!! =D



    Morning sarah!



    rylansmomma- I’ve been tttc my second for a while now and I got pregnant with my first easily.



    Cleo: I am so sorry for the break up. I wish you such happiness. You deserve to be happy. You are such a sweet person. A man must meet your standards of what you want. And meet them high. That man will come around for you.



    OMG babymama! congrats!!! im so pleased for you! 🙂 when did you get a ‘glob’ of cm?? i had that yesterday & the day before…..did a hpt today tho (an internet cheappie) & got a BFN….saving my FRERs for closer to AF lol



    I Want a Bump – Now just to REALLY confuse you, when pregnant, your body makes more mucous – so don’t write off a BFP quite yet! Because increased mucous can happen with the onset of AF and pregnancy, it’s a tough one to call a ‘for sure’ pregnancy symptom. We need some of the pregnant girls to come in and throw some baby dust around!



    Has anybody heard from Rylansmommy recently, dying to find out how she is doing? Will send her a message! we’re both 9dpo but she needs more babydust than I do right now for her precious little embies!



    Hey laides. Its 10:19 am where I am – Prince Edward Island, Canada.



    Ahh….So AF is due tomorrow and this is the part i hate!!!…I am so nervous. Now I dont know if i should be excited when i feel any little cramp…I told myself I will not test untill Friday just in case my cycle is one day off and I am suppose to start AF on thursday…I dont want to test untill I am one day late. Ill feel more confident about the test if I know I am late…ughh these next few days are my moment of truth!!


    Afternoon ladies – cleo i had that trouble with my ex ringing all the time so i asked my telephone provider if i could change my number and explained why and they changed it for me free of charge the only pain then was giving everyone a new number



    11dpo is still early Mrs Miller! I am 11dpo today too, but am waiting for the weekend. I will test either sat at 13dpo of sun at 14dpo. Don’t give up, wait a day or 2 and see where you are at to test again! Gd luck!

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