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    I O’d 7 days ago. I hate this waiting game!



    Good idea hun I hope u get the answer u want xxx



    AF was due Monday and never showed up. How long is everyone waiting to test? I would hate to run out and get a test and then an hour later AF shows up. I thought I missed my ‘window’ days last month, guess we’ll see!



    This is the longest cycle I ever had. CD 19 and I dnont think I oed yet. Today is the 3rd day Im getting + opk . Yesterday morning and this morning it was super dark. We did had a chance to bd yestarday morning, but Im working all day today and Dh working night shift, so by the time I get home he will be gone for work and no bding for me 🙁 I guess if we can bd tonight and I O today them Im out? Feeling kinda down about it. Anyways, we are going to the doc this friday and I just cant wait..


    Member – WOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! POST A PIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Im still confused ladies let me tell u my story and hopefully someone can help lmp was march 6th it lasted 5days like normal well the end of March I got another period and it lasted 5days like normal so at this point i was confused because i didnt know what lmp to go off of well April 16th I went to the doc and he wanted to give me a blood test and it was negative i took a test a week later and it was faint positive so now i figure i would go by the second period i had on march(26th) its now the 29th three days late and my
    test this morning said negative I been cramping the. past few days but nothing yesterday. Or today It doesn’t feel like my period is comming …what is going on?


    yea last one told me…im so happy for her, it happened so quick for her too. why do you think its a short cycle for you? spotting??



    Poofy your chart still looks great. I think you have a great chance this cycle. Brit have you tested yet? Sorry for the BFN mommyof1 🙁 Dawnofbaby I don’t know what to make of your chart. Just keep temping and BDing I supposed.



    cpalmer – For 4 cycles after my cycles started again after ds was born I was having 18 day HEAVY af’s. It was awful! And for some reason then they were coming like clockwork every 30 days, so it was 18 days on, 12 days off, repeat… IT SUCKED!



    Done another test today 13dpo to see if line darker yep beaming bfp instantly lol 🙂 added pic



    Amal – I have tested and bfn. I’ve been spotting for, well, today is the 6th day so I’m sure it’s not implantation spotting. I just don’t know what to think. It’s bright red blood, but only streaks in cm, not enough to even need a panty liner, but it’s every time I wipe! Would you count that as af or just spotting?



    Well I tested with a first response and fmu and there it was looking straight at me a BFN :/ I’m super nauseated this morning and I clearly see yesterdays big fat positive. No period yet so idk what the hell is going on. I do feel defeated and just know at will show her stupid face. I have no at signs though but I’m done with getting excited. I mean its not like I’m crazy all of you saw the BFP as did my husband. Oh well now to wait for after…blah Terriann20 I’m sorry about at shoeing her face.



    i look at feel like a total hippo today, blaaaaaaaaah i hate when i feel like this. i’m still spotting & cramping from AF, this is really wierd , it’s getting annoying



    Terr so sorry for your loss hunny! xxx



    My niece and SIL will be home in an hour – can’t wait to hear how it all turned out!! Poor Stephanie was probably hoping to make cake for everyone on her first day!!

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