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    two – I’m no expert, I’ve never used it, but from what I’ve read on here I think women take it from the day af starts until ovulation and then stop taking it after that.



    Praying it stopped the next day, so a day basically.



    Oh no Amy! I am sending virtual chicken soup to you!!! Get well soon hun!!



    I did not test today, and I don’t have a digital camera either. do you think there is any thing I shoudl or could do to make pics better, not being able to see them i have no idea, shoudl I hold the phone further away? closer, more lgiht? less light? different background, etc.?



    i live in indiana too!! same time zone as you TBT its 9:46am here



    Terriann, I wouldn’t worry about harming the baby if you are in fact pregnant. As lil.pigz said, there is no placenta yet, so there is no way for the alcohol to pass into baby’s bloodstream. That being said, I have been trying to cut back on my alcohol consumption because drinking does affect fertility rates. Trying to get hubby to cut back too, but that is a whole different battle lol. Also disappointed to report that the Fertilaid vitamins are making him feel nauseous, so he has agreed to finish off the bottle I bought, but I won’t be buying any more. I woke up yesterday in the early morning hours with excruciating menstrual cramps. I ended up popping Tylenol like it was candy to get through the rest of the day. That was one side effect of clomid that nobody warned me about! Feeling much better today thankfully.



    Bex! Describing it as like mucus plug sounds right to me too come to think of it! Minus the color (like the pink that plug had) (because mine didn’t really seem to have any) but it was like the same consistancy!



    Colby welcome xx


    that made me and my DH chuckle the 1 $ store thing rofl



    Well 11dpo today and tested with frer BFN the only thing I have is flipping thrush….lovely maybe too much BD so pretty sure I’m out now af due to sho her ugly face Sunday boo 🙁 xxxx congrats all the BFPs xxx


    hi shellyb good to hear your being positive and adjusting im on DPO 9 ATM took a test 2day BFN but early doors i guess



    seeg sorry to hear about the bleeding 🙁 hope things work out! so I missed my last day of my provera (10th day) because I forgot to take it with me when I left town and still no af. last time I used provera I was a few hrs late taking my last pill and I started before I got to take it so I just didn’t because I figured it did its job but whats going on this time? is it ok not to start right away or should I call my dr? the last pill I took was on Friday. cant I have this problem when not ttc!!!



    nikki – i noticed that my bbs starting hurt in my 1st month of tcc , im in month 3 now , an all i can think of is that wen i was on the pill its surpressed all these normal bodie feelings, my bbs hurt just before im due on , but also my bbs hurt wen i was last pregnant lol xx



    Duffy- are you feeling any more symptoms? I am 10 dpo today and BBs are super sore, sensitive and swollen feeling. This morning I felt super nauseous, and still kind of do, but I am able to eat. trying to hold out for as long as I can to test, but I may cave and do it tomorrow.



    Ack! DH is snoring BIG TIME I have to go smack him! He needs to finish his grading for school so I suppose I should let him enter it in on the computer… see ya guys!! :0) Much love!

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