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    So, I just puked when I brushed my teeth- or attempted to! That’s a great sign! What is this crap 4*Ever- changing your profile name???!!!!! Are you going incognito now? I get it……Running from AF????? Let me know how your night was! I propose that we all have a ‘test-off’ tomorrow morning ! Let’s all test tomorrow and find out=]


    pol…what is Dragons Den?



    Ya, I’m only 7 dpo, but I don’t really feel like I have any symptoms at all.



    Sparky, I follow your cycle blogs, and I can’t wait for them to turn into pregnancy update blogs! I hope that happens on Friday 🙂 ((HUG))



    Hi Dolphinchick04 – dark brown discharge i always thought was old blood.


    I think my dh and my ds go through at least 2 pair each a day too!



    Hi everyone! Congrats to all the bfps! 4 dpo and anxious already. I’m hoping this is the month since I stepped up my game and tried the preseed and bought a fertility monitor. I will not pee on a stick, I will not pee on a stick, I will not pee on a stick, lol.



    nunu lol yeah that one was and i have another generic one but im scared to take it….do u think it would be more accurate then the dollarstore one???



    Congrats loveyoubaby on your BFP!! I have been really confused with all this charting and taking OPK’s for the first time this month? My last 2 cycles have been 28 days, guessing my Ovulation to be around day CD14, started OPK testing from day 11. So far no positive OPK’s, im on CD21? No ovulation showing on my chart yet? Had a big dip on CD17, then its been slowly rising since. Had a little play with Fertility Friend website and if my temps carring on rising over the next few days then it predicts that I ovulated on CD11! Hope so! This would explain the negative OPK’s because I would have tested after Ovulation. So I am hoping my temps carry on rising! Why would there be a big dip on CD17 (6dpo)???



    oh since af just showed, i am now having a glass of wine since it just proved I have no bean inside me and it can’t be harmed! =)



    diane taketwo- thanks i wll keep testing i think til AF arrives?? and i think more BDing is in order then! shall keep posted on any news? im testing twice a day so i must surely catch it x



    blesseddaily – I sorry if its not the answer you were looking for im just being honest. Id rather say the way i feel then lye. Sorry =]]

    You will get your BFP!!.



    I am going to the dr today. 2 weeks ago I was told I was having a m/c and my levels came back at 24 I was bleeding for 2 days. 1 week ago I started bleeding again, called dr and they said it was normal. Yesterday I wasn’t feeling good so I POAS and got a BFP!! I took 2 to make sure. Called the dr. they said to come in today. I don’t know what is going on. Please send baby dust I really want the BFP to be real.


    FFFFIIIINNNAAALLLLLYYYY!! AF is here-yipppeeeee- ive never been so happy to see her. We officially start our #2 IVF cycle tomorrow! I go in for my bloods and an ultrasound and will start my week of meds tomorrow! Will keep you posted.


    only can you put a regular pic up of the test

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