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    trying again – after doing my research i have discovered that most ladies LP is 14 days but can be slighlty lower or upto 18 days. I have left 18days (which is today) just to be on the safe side. Mine are definately 14/15 days. I m/c in May 2007, but when i found out I was PG the line on the test was very faint (AF was 5 days late) I then retested using a digital test when AF was 6 days late, that was a definate ‘pregnant’. As the line on my 1st test was so faint it suggests to me that the HCG hormone is not that strong so early after AF is due. Today AF is 4 days late so therefore I am hoping that the digital test i used today has not been able to pick up the HCG hormone (similar to when i tested in May).



    As far as sperm survival is concerned, here’s what I just read: Given the most ideal conditions (ideal vaginal/uterine environments, fertile CM, strong sperm health, etc) sperm may be able to survive between six and seven days. That’s about a quarter of a typical menstrual cycle – and that means an extended window of fertility before ovulation. — sure takes of the pressure 🙂



    hey guys I want to try BBT to chart my cycle can someone tell me how this works I’m confused!



    from our testing group, when are you girls planning to test?i’m going on holiday next tuesday, the 1st of March and would love to know if i’m allowed to snowboard and drink and do all those things. do you think i’ll be able to test by then??



    Cpalmer……………….totally agree with the patch idea. I want one!!!



    thank you!!! 🙂 …i try to read up on this stuff but when i get online i constantly read different things from different sites or ppl!!! and iv had some pretty good advice from this site so i figured i should just ask!!!



    shawshoo – i can get a blood test, but i am gonna use a HPT at the weekend first to see what that shows. I am very nervous about testing!!



    OMG! I’m sorry Seeg! How could I forget about you?? You’re on CD 9 just like me. Have you been using OPK’s yet?



    natalie~ I sure hope so because I am losing faith fast.



    hello, i was here over two years ago, my husband and i are now trying for bubba #2. AF started on the 24th so hopefully we will be expecting soon. i know it probably won’t happen immediately but if it does it would be nice. i was on the implanon implant for almost 2yrs and had it removed in march so my cycle has only just come back. sorry to ramble. thanks for listening.



    I use my mobile,so i assume its a problem with my phone,its annoyin i no,sorry ladies is any1 havin a quiet nite in like me,ive gone from 32inches 2 41 on my waist in 3days did that happen 2 any1 else,get 2 wk26,wth not even a bump,then bang,u cant c u feet anymore? Lol x



    that would make sense. Thanks! The moment i feel the urge i will be giving in! lol



    me too brookes – around there



    *Mrs.Parker* – Thanks so much!! It really is such a relief to know its not necessarily a lost cause! Another thing is ive been a stay at home mom for the past 3 months so when everyone says its stress delaying AF i get so frustrated because the LAST thing I am now is stressed…just anxious. I usually am thinking im gonna start at any minute but this whole month i just feel like i KNOW im not gonna start! SO weird! How old is your son? I have a four old boy who is dying for a baby brother!! Hopefully he/she is already in the works 🙂



    mrsg22tx – can u know by a blood test this early?

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