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    LKDream, the work stress on top of TTC stress might have frightened your egg into hiding. Stress is one of the biggest road blocks with TTC. I know we all hate the sentiment ‘relax and it will happen’ because when we really want to be pregnant, relaxing about it is easier said than done… I try to find things to occupy my mind other than worrying about what I can’t control though. See the OPKs or BBT as a learning process – just to know what your cycle is doing. Force yourself away from fertilityfriend or whatever site you use to help you track or you will find yourself going into a trance interpreting your chart. Temp or do your OPK, chart it, and forget it until around CD 21. Take a look at how your overall pattern is progressing. Enjoy your partner and the process and accept that there will be some bad days if you go a couple of months with BFNs – treat yourself extra well those days – prepare to book a spa or ask hubby for a foot rub or have a brownie sundae (not a daily prescription 😉 – hang in there!!



    As for OPK’s I guess I’m one of the lucky ones too.. . I followed the instructions to the letter, researched on the internet and it only took me a month to figure it out. I posted the OPK instructions in a blog. I’ve used several different kinds of OPK’s and the instructions are all basically the same. You just have to find the time of day that works best for your testing. I will say I love my Clearblue Easy monitor though.



    Loopy – Those pics are very interesting. I’ve been going cross eyed looking at your tests lol! How many DPO are you? I’m now CD 30 and 9 DPO… Have this stomach ache and had back pain all day so think AF is on the way.



    I hate to say it but I think you might have had a chemical pregnancy. You had a positive, every 48 hours a HPT test line would become darker, not disappear. Hormones take awhile to leave the body that’s why your boobs could still be effected. I’m not a doctor though, you’ll have to wait until your appointment tomorrow.



    Just came from my gyn appointment. Told me i am OK and can start TTC especially now that Valentines day in here!!! 🙂 Mybe i will wait a little bit longer!



    When is the EARLIEST a blood test can detect the hormone? I have a leftover labwork prescription from my last pregnancy that has an order for quantitative hcg. I want to go next friday, but do you think it will be too soon? I ovulated on the 8th or 9th..



    Coco and mrstranum, im on cd 7. So right there with you!!!!!



    Cherry- Maybe we just didn’t O when we thought we did? That was my question actually even i we have all the signs of Oing, positive OPK O can still be delayed right?



    hantets – welcome! and im sorry for what you are going through. It took me a week or so before i started cramping which was about 7pm, then started vomiting about 10pm, by 2am i was begging my hubby to take me to a hospital. I could not lie, or sit i was in so much pain. I was admitted on the saturday morning at 3am and my Dr came in to do the D&C at 10am. After that i was starving and it took about a day and i was back at work.



    i just had one last month another term for an early miscarriage were the egg is fertilized but doesn’t attach to the uterus which it sucks if you like to test early because you get your hopes up with a bfp but then miscarry a few days later



    Tarrynsplanet – Thanks. I am taking the B6, and last cycle had a normal length LH, however…this cycle I am either Oing way later then usual…or not at all. But I am thinking this LH is I O in the next day or two will only be about 8 days max 🙁
    Baby Dust!


    good morning everyone , got to start the crock pot for dinner be back in a minute.



    refinnejlee-no, not really. I have had sticky discharge and a couple of headaches but that is it.



    thanks cantwait 😉



    Well temp is still holding steady with yesturday and the day before it went up .03 but i have had a little bit of old dark brown spotting so i am going to say that af must be going to show up after all.

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