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    Congrats NEWMAMA at your BFP…wish you a happy 9months…hoping the good news spread to us in the waiting. HEYMICKY- go test to be sure of ur feelings,,,,wish u luck.


    LC Melbourne – I am trying to get cought up on what I missed last night!! Regarding the weight gain…I gained 40 lbs when I was pregnant with my daughter and a week after I had her I was back in my favorite jeans!! Dont worry about the weight gain!!



    katiea~ I am in Alberta and it is Monday 6:32pm


    ok so I have now done 6 tests in 2 days haha lol, i think i am getting just a little bit obsessive!! But ALL 6 had a VERY faint line on them, i thought maybe i was being unlucky and they were all evap lines but i got DF to pee on a test (they are the cheap bulk buy strips) and there was def. no line on his… my cycle is still quite irregular so i dont know how many days i am testing before AF is due… any thoughts? Congrats shelly!



    Just feeling bummed because we are on month #7 of TTC and AF is due in 1-2 days. I have period symptoms, so doesn’t look like I’m pregnant. 🙁 It’s so hard to go month after month and not get a BFP. Good luck to everyone else who’s trying!


    They are available in the UK at nearly Â6 a box – i will just imagine what they taste like lol



    im sorry some of you are having a rough time at the moment with your cycles, (((hugs all))). rosie, we will be here when you come back (if you do take a break) littleonesmum~you probably wont get an accurate result at 7dpo but in saying that, i start testing at 7dpo LOL



    Gwen, u should be okay as long as u take ur clomid within the first 5 days of ur cycle, good luck!



    Morning ladies- well it is 4.42 am here and I have been up since 1am. DD#2 has tonsillitis poor little thing.


    Pam- My guess is that it is ovulation… I am not an expert my any means but sometimes my bb’s hurt around the time of ovulation.



    jenjen i wish i could help but i dont check my cervix… sure closed is good though right? iv heard ppl say closed is good for pg…..but whether its high or low i think varies from woman to woman….im no 100% on this though! i sure hope it leads to ur bfp 😉


    ANGEL–Yes girl!!!! Schedual a DR apt already!!!



    only – good luck with the Clomid. A friend of mine had a ton of problems before, but then got pregnant on her first cycle with Clomid so hopefully you will have the same. I’m still having mid-cycle bleeding, but I’m still going to hope anyway. I had a slightly darker line on the OPK today so hopefully I will still ‘o’.



    Wannabeamum, Thanks for your perspective on the parents/inlaws thing. I know there has to be something more to it in my case since my parents have always been super supportive of it (my mom was a SAHM) but my DH’s aren’t. They’ve always had very well-paying jobs and are both in their mid-50’s and retired (which is something most of us only dream of!). Anyway, they are just very money-oriented. And DH and I have always been careful with money, but it’s never been something that we feel we need in excess!! Well, that’s it. No more on the parents–I promise. (Unless it comes from someone else first. lol!) Thanks to everyone for your kind words and advice! 🙂



    momof2tobesoon- I have been trying to take it at the same time everyday…(between 8 & 9) but now that I think about it I think maybe the day that it was 97.3 I took it later in the day…I just don’t understand though why they are not elevating if I should of ovulated according to the +OPK…I don’t think I am going to do the OPK’s anymore anyway…this is also my first month doing the temping so I dunno

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