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    hello rylansmommy hope you had a brill hol x would love to go there xxx im due af nov 11/12th so will test then xxx



    DM…I would love to hear your answer about the temp dropping. Mine went back up today but I feel like my period is coming.



    Hello Ladies, CD13 taday and I never wanted to be closer to my AF before. i cna’t wait for my next cycle to start, so we can start TTC officially. does time pass by this slowly for everyone TTC or is it just me!



    Supermoma sorry about your BF…I know it has to be frustrating! DH knows I do the OPK’s but we dont really talk about it unless he brings it up. I think it just puts too much pressure on them and it freaks them out a little. I hope he comes around for you and everything will work out!



    Hey Saza, I’m here. I researched it, and from what I gathered Vitex can be taken with Soy Isoflavones. Vitex should not be combined with Clomid. Clomid and Soy I. work in different ways to assist with ovulation, and apparently Vitex with Clomid is counterproductive, but not so with Soy I.



    I am only a few DPO but my BBs feel HUGE! I am spilling out of my bra! I really hope thats a good sign.



    goodmorning ladies…goodluck and loads of babydust (where is that fairy? – i think I’ll have to set a trap) I am sorry LC that you still don’t know what is going on……I am CD 20 today and still no O, but body keeps making signs of it trying so hopefully today the eggie will get out!!!!



    kristy he will be gone to Afghanistan for a year so that’s why im really hoping this is the month! i have my fingers crossed ha ha and thanks thumpersmommy i will give them another shot im awful at taking them i hate the taste of childrens gummies and chewables and the swallow kind are to hard for me to get down!! maybe i should force them down i did with my last pregnancy good luck with the birth! mine was easy the labor part but my recovery was awful i know that is not what you want to hear it took 5 months before i stopped bleeding and the soreness to ease up and i still have tenderness ( and it will be 2 years on the 21st) but it gets better and in time you will forget all about it that little baby will make it all worth it when they are in your arms! congrats!



    aww nunu 🙁



    Hi ladies!! I’ll start off by introducing myself. We have been ttc since Sept when I had my iud (mirena) removed. Although I don’t comment much at all I do read this forum everyday several times a day. Congrats to all the recent bfp’s!!I used opks on the 1st cycle after having the mirena removed and then didn’t use them anymore until this past cycle. Af started 2/9 got a positive opk on 2/18. So, here I am on cd19 & 8 dpo and I am having a lot of pregnancy signs. I tested yesterday and got a bfn but I already knew it would be negative. Af is not due to start until 3/7 so I’m not sure when I will test again. Good luck to all those that are testing soon!!!



    It’s so good to hear that my hubby isn’t the only one with performance issues! I hate that you ladies are going through it too, but when I would mention something on my baby month board they all acted like it was completely unheard of. I tried to explain the stress of ttc and being forced to do it whether you want to or not, but they didn’t understand that!



    so i decided to buy the insanity workout and if i cant get pregnant right know im going to get my body back into shape and looking better than it is now:) its so hard but so much fun when my 2 year old son is trying to do the workouts with me lol



    Lc, drive was shocking half way pissed down rain 🙁 trust it to be raining here im in shorts haha . Well I use pads and tampons, and mines always 7 days haha I duno next time (hopefully there is no next time for awhile ) try pads again see if same thing.



    I’m officially in the 2ww and biting my nails. Hoping this week goes by quickly as I’m planning to test next Saturday. I’m travelling for work the week after next to the US and I hope to have a result before my trip so I can share with DH. Otherwise I don’t think I can wait for another week without testing. AND if F shows while in my trip, I’ll be so alone and disappointed… Ahhh what a roller coaster. Blessings to all!



    Thanks Heather… And mrstranum…… I love you so much. 😀 Thanks and you are right ‘God is good all the time.’

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