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    First I wanted to say thank you for answering my question. Second First timer I have had that happen to me once before and I had to reput it on my page.



    Ladygodwin, 2 days ago, i was really nauseous ALL day (almost threw up trying to eat toast), had a headache and was really really tired! I was only 6dpo. I don’t know if those were any symptoms to relate to pregnancy or not as felt like it was too early, but it definitely wasn’t in my head!!! I didn’t feel that way yday or today tho…. check out this website I found it an interesting read if in the 2ww. good luck


    browneyedgirl86: It was probably from the pap. I usually dont bleed after pap either. I have only once.



    BFP today. 8 dpo! Still in shock.



    Hello ladies,, about the infection i used the feminine wash and anti fungus cream this morning and its gone?? do u guyz still think i should see a doctor i have to go to another town.. are vaginal capsules ok if i was pregnant ??



    BOYZmom~ I know how many dpo I am when I get to that point because I temp and record them on Fertility Friend. When you have 3 days of higher temps that is when you know what day you ovulated. Yes, you ovulate after you get the +. I use the Clearblue Easy ones (the smiley’s) and I have a fast surge usually. Meaning, this morning I got a smiley and tomorrow I probably wont and my temp will already be higher meaning I had ovulated the previous night. Truly helps if you temp. Basal Thermometer are only about $10 at Walmart.



    From what I’ve read, with a chemical miscarriage AF will either be early or late.



    Bean I always did mine in the morning some say taht your levels for ovulating peak at 2pm But mine always came out right in the morning



    am i think am holding myself not to test until sunday atleast when am 12dpo..i still have 2 digital and one normal clearblue
    Diane – i read that clearblue digital 25 mIU just like the normal hpt..



    I’m joining in girls….Does it feel different when you get pregnant? Can you tell before you get a positive test result? Mine always seems high soft..but I’m new at checking too..



    Nope Michelle 🙁 I left a message on her page – I’m sure she’ll check in when she’s able too. we’re all mother hens here, we worry when there’s a ‘chick’ missing!



    oh and it took us 3 years to get the blighted ovum and another 2 years of fertility treatment with a miscarriage between that to get our son. Hang in there, everyone is different and im sure things will work out fine.



    Diane-taketwo has a very informative blog about them



    question ladies, my AF is over today, should i start BD now and the coming days or noo, silly question i know, i thought ovulation starts right after ur AF LOL….on this forum ovulation calender says in 10 days my ovulation start. sometimes this is confusing for me but learning them..



    Sure Gator!

Viewing 15 posts - 22,336 through 22,350 (of 131,346 total)

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