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    mrs…I’m going on 4 months too but for some women it can take a year or more!! I know seems like a long time huh. With my son it took 3 months but since having him my cycles have been longer ( the last few months cycles running in the 40’s) so my dr referred my to a ob and I’m thinking there might be a chance for a prescription…but we’ll see at the end of the month when I go



    Hi Love 🙂 I am good. I think I am 2DPO and I am so ready for this 2ww to be over! I am very impatiently waiting for my DH to get home…he’s test driving a boat now. I WANT IT! LOL



    Gonna be away for a few days. went to the ER last night and they confirmed a M/C. Doing my best at keeping my head up. DH and myself are going to take a few days to ourselves but I wanted all of you ladies to know. Thanks for the well wishes. baby dust.



    hey gurls.. wonderin if anyone cud help me.. im about 6dpo at d least could be further(6-10).. so far have slight cramping, lots of twinges, headaches, lots of cm, pain in knees, moody( vry and also sumtimes like a pain in behind my bellt button.. kinda stange.. stil 2 early to take a hpt im tinkin.. bt anyone know if these symtoms sound promising or…?X



    Crazymomma2010- Congratulations and good for you on your third day without a cigarette 🙂



    or gray?



    Hey ladies…still no af and still no sign she is coming. The only preggo symptoms that I am having is a sore back and I have a cold for almost a week now. I really don’t want to take anything just in case. So what is a girl to do? I’v taken three test and one(cheap) had a faint line and the other two FR test had bfn. I don’t feel pregnant so maybe I’m just worrying to much. Anywaz who is up 2nite???


    yay Sarah!


    So according to my ticker I have 20 days until ovulation! Damn long cycles! My ob appt is before that so maybe that will give the ob a better idea about my cycle length or maybe I will have a normal length cycle and get AF on the way to the appt! Who the heck knows but I do have a opk on stand by just in case a get signs of LH..



    Oh I hope I can stay on here long enough to find out Cleo’s results! *stay away boss*



    you’ll need to post a pic di!!!!



    Thanks sarah…it helps to know that at least cleo had a positive outcome yesterday!



    I’m back! Feeling pretty good even though I got horrendously ill for a day with a fever and its throwing off my chart. Got to see the new doc yesterday, I’m getting testing done as soon as I am not sick anymore, including thyroid, hormonal work-up, and insulin. I was also encouraged to lose weight, but had it acknowledged that its quite hard with some of the complications I am having hormonally, but we are getting it figured out! So, I am going to drastically change my diet, excersize more again, and just try and stay healthy in general. Hows everyone else doing?



    I’m always on the fence about posting extra hopeful comments, but then I do anyways ; ) What I mean is, we are all very supportive and positive thinkers – when one of us is about to POAS or if AF is late, we are all cheering on a BFP… I wonder though if it could drive people away and make them sadder after a while. Personally, I like the cheerleading (others cheering me on)… even if the build up leads to a BFN. Hopefully I still feel the same if TTC takes a long time. Sarah, you’ve been in the TTC boat for way too long – what’s your take on being cheered on? Does it help, or take a toll? Not putting you on the spot am I? ; P This is open for anyone to answer of course!!



    leggy>>> increased discharge is a pg symptom in some women. Im with Rosie… test again in a few days. Do you normally have sore nipples during AF? If not I would say that is a symptom aswell. I hope you do get your BFP very soon!

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