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    is it day where you guys are? Its 4:14 am here and I am wondering why you all aren’t sleeping haha. I just had my little one 10/10/10 and I am up pumping every 4 hours so I get bored and look around on comment spy while I pump for 10 mins and now I feel wide awake and both my kids are sound asleep doesn’t that stink? haha



    So sorry to hear that.. your test was neg at PP right? But you were still getting faint positives at home? I would take those faint positives and anand take it there just to show them!Maybe their tests were not as sensitive as the ones you were taking. I can’t imagine you having that many false readings or evap lines you know..



    yeah, the nurse told me i wouldn’t have to take a urine test and when I got to the lab the lady was being all pushy and demanding that I not leave til I take one



    Thanks Diane – I am keeping my hopes up – though have not checked CM or CP yet today – so I think I will do tht and see what I get


    Good morning ladies! I don’t know when I ‘O’ this month, because my cycles have been all over the place the past 3 months, but I have noticed that the past two weeks my BB’s are really sore, normally they get like that for a couple of days before AF, but not this long. I am thinking I might have ‘O’ around the 26th…give or take a couple of days. Has anyone else experienced their BB’s to be sore for that long?



    Cubby, I would check out – it is a registry of all drugs (brand and generic) and the research behind any risk to the fetus during pregnancy (and also to breastfeeding moms)



    So I took a HPT this afternoon and had a faint positive and FREAKED out. So I took it down to the local health department since I LOVE the nurses there and they said that if that line was there within the first 5 minutes then it was most definitely a BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I am taking my FMU in at 10 am tomorrow and they are gonna test again. OMG I cant believe there are so many BFPS these last few days.CONGRATULATION!!!!!!!!!!!!



    i hope so saza…that damn stat on ff has me on cloud nine and with ashes scoring on her first try….eekk…even more…i updated my myspace status to say:

    Good Evening soy: We will finally meet tonight. I have high high hopes for us and I think we will make a great team!

    LOL..and everyone is trippin out, they are like who the heck is soy



    I have had some pregnancy symptoms here and there for the past week or so but the biggest one has been an increase in appetite. I don’t know if i’m really more hungry or i’m just tricking myself into eating more. I am a chef so cooking is something I really enjoy, and instead of making a fancy dinner tonight I was craving a hamburger but alas, no hamburger buns. Thankfully we had hot dog buns in the freezer so I just had a burger dog with zucchini relish, jalapeños, bacon, cheese, home made pickles and honey mustard, I am feeling the heartburn now!!



    pink – I left you a message – mid-cycle spotting is good!



    morning ladies, how are you all? just popping in super quick to say hi. congrats on the new bfp !! yay! welcome to the new comers…hopefully the ttc journey will be a short one for you. i have been SUPER tired last 2 days.. sigh. still getting on and off booby tenderness, nipple itching, and nausea. had scramble eggs for dinner and i tell u what it didnt go down well at all! the tugging sensations have stopped now..they lasted about 2 days. going to test in another day or 2. good luck ladies! sticky baby dust to you all!



    LOL diane you always makeme smile so the cop was HOT :happy but kids these days I tell you. They need a good pop on the rear..



    Anyone else going to O On Friday? I hate this waiting game!



    Amanda, I just had the same thing happen. I had Mirena out last Tues, and nothing. Then on Wed hubby and I bd and then Thurs-Sat I had about the amount of blood I would for a normal period for me. I did not have my af at all with Mirena, so now I have no idea if that was it or where I am in my cycle??!!


    wanna ..welcome…this site is awesome!

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