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    I feel as if I’m still forever away from testing. I’m on CD 9 and still spotting. Blah! It did this last month, too and I didn’t O until CD 21.



    Morning girls, jst on quickly while on way to work, bfn again this morning, still no af though so that’s good! Officially 1 day late!!



    Cpalmer – must be very exciting!! I’ve got all my fingers & toes crossed for you



    Congrats newmama!!!



    I think AF will be here a day early.. I feel reallly crampy and (sorry if TMI) really gassy like I normally am when AF shows 🙁 My BB’s hurt SO bad since yesterday evening.. I had to go to the bank lastnight so I ran from the car to the ATM and OMG I thought my boobs were going to FALL OFF! Or at least I was hoping b/c thats how bad they hurt.. lol. I never felt pain like that in my boobs before. They remained pretty sore all night, I tossed and turned a lot from the pain.. and now they are still sore today.. and to top off the day- it is STILLLLLLLLLL raining here.. lol



    katiea- I remember your post now about the oysters…lol…I have been peeing every two hours or less all day today & I am not drinking much…its def a very good sign that you are getting faint lines…normally means it is positive!!! How exciting!



    Good Morning Ladies, of afternoon for others…. Im in a good mood today. Ive got this gut feeling that Im pregnant but only time will tell at this point…. Yesterday I woke up to a nose bleed (Ive NEVER had a nose bleed) Today my boobs are sore as hell…. and my body temp is up up up =) Im just playing the waiting game now…..



    Welcome onlyoneill !! good luck this month. ericalynn- i have been cramping for 2 almost 3 days on and off and i was wondering the same thing if i released more then one egg so if u hear anything let me know!



    The only things we have here are fruit loops, cocoa pops and crispix



    Hi everyone. I am new to the site and had a few questions. I think that I might be pregnant but am not sure. I am due for a period next week. I have the nasea, the sore/tender breasts, the change in discharge, the fatigue, the frequent urination, the gas, cravings and i’ve heard that breaking out could be a sign too. My last period was heavy but short. I’m not sure if I could be or not. If anyone could please tell me if they think I am or not that would be great! =)



    So I started temping this morning I am on CD 19 and I know you are supposed to start on CD1, but I wanted to practice and make sure I am doing it right before the next cycle takes place. Also, it is so frustrating that PMS symptoms mimick early preg symptoms! I really don’ t think this was my month anyways, so no hard feelings when I get a BFN, but its kinda irritating to think wow I could be having sore bbs and be super tired due to a BABY not just AF! This next month I will have so much on my mind with my nursing class that hopefully the time will go much faster!



    My hubby had an extra week of because of all the snow here and working so far away and now he’s gone back to where he works and I’m all sad and teary 🙁 Xwee – Usually 30 days. BF my DD for a year and AFs only came back when she was 10 months (8 months ago) They were a bit unsettled for a bit but have been 30/31 days for a while. I think because it took me soooo long to get a BFP with my DD I have this tiny glimmer of hope inside but I don’t want it. I had a mid-cycle bleed like you Xwee – so taking the first day of second bleed as CD1. Does that make sense?


    Alueh- Well let me know what happens! And if you don’t get AF on Saturday then test again on Sunday!



    I’m hoping someone can help me. I started using opks on cd 9. It’s now cd 15 and the line is darker but not as dark at the test line. Should I keep testing or consider this cycle a bust? I’ve been TTC for 11 months. I’ve been testing at about 10 in the morning and 8 at night.


    The cheapest place to buy hpt and opk are ebay. I said I was not going to buy any since the last time I was ttc I spent a lot on opk. I have such irregular cycle that I really can’t trust my body signals. SO these helped me out last time. I got 20 opk and 5 hpt for 10 dollars. Excited to start trying for baby #2

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