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    Hey ladies, so fertility friend says based on my temps I O’d thursday but I didn’t get a clear positive opk till Friday… I think I O’d yesterday so I don’t know. I’m either 1 or 3 dpo today. My testing day will be thurs feb 9 if I can hold out that long! I hope we caught the egg, I’m sore from all the BD! Haven’t had this much lovin since our honeymoon when we conceived our first lo! I’m happy to finally be back in the 2 ww even though I know it will be a long one!


    FABULOUS – Idk when should I test lol I wanna know so badly but I dont wanna use all my test this cycle if im not lol I am POAS addict …



    So sorry to hear that bex!



    Cpalmer: u still here? So if u say 10dpo when can i test?,,



    ok ladies…so like i mentioned befor im only CD11 according to the ovulation calander on here i only ovulate on Monday, but today im already having alot of mucos, like really wet down there and its feel very low and open…sory FTMI…But would just like your feedback should hubby n i start from today already….i do have OPK’S only 5 though and theyr really expensive so i dont wanna buy mor, so i was holding out to test atleast by this friday…what do you all think..i know the right mucos is suppose to be the realy stretchy type so it doesnt look like it is at yet, but im just very eager i sooo wanna get preggies this cycle….do u think its the start of my fertile window?…..oh boy cmon baby train i need to be on you this month!!!



    saza, have u tested at all yet!?!?



    Suppermama – I think that you should temp and take OPKs on your own Don’t let him know about it. My man wants to know when I’m ovulating but I don’t tell him because while we are doing it I don’t want him thinking about we are doing this to make a baby… I want him to be thinking we are making love… and if we happen to make a baby then thats even better. Just the way I feel.. I think that he would feel pressured if he knew when I was ovulating. And sometimes if they feel pressured then they can performe as well. I hope everything goes well for you 🙂



    Vitex takes a couple of months to work on your cycles to give full results (in regards to evening out hormone levels and correcting luteal phase defects).



    rachele that’s how mine was! I SWORE I could see a line, but no one else could see it and I couldn’t take a pic. That was at 7dpo. I couldn’t show anyone a REAL line that they could see too until 10dpo but by that time the digital just said, ‘Pregnant’. 😉



    Eeyore, yeh that’s all we can do. Fingers crossed.



    So this morning I get up and I am in a little bit of pain… I started getting pains on the right side of my abdomin and was excited… yes getting my O pains!! So DD goes for her nap and I was hinting to BF… he was not into it (we had family coming over in an our for dinner) but I mean come on… it is an our we soo had time for it. but BF assured me we would BD later tonight. So, what happens? BF has a little bit too much and now he doesn’t feel good enough to BD!!! Just a little frustrated right now as we agreed to BD every second night no matter what and because he had too much drinky drinky… ugh. We BD’d Friday so hopefully with me getting O pains today that will be okay… and tomorrow I am thinking about hiding his beer LOL. Sorry for the rant ladies 🙁 Just needed to get this off my chest to people that might understand where I am coming from 🙂 hope you are al doing well! Baby dust to all 🙂



    amanda – Well, if I o-ed back when normal people o (LOL), like around cd 15-17, it would be about right. But I never got even close to a positive opk back then. And my doc hasn’t called me back with my cd21 results yet.



    Congrats!!! To all the BFP!!! So exciting.



    I tested this morning at 9 DPO too! Now, because I saw the BFN, I am feeling like this month is a lost cause 🙁 Are any of you other ladies around 9DPO having any symptoms?



    Today is CD35 for me. I am seeing a fertility specialist and was told if I didn’t get my period by today to call so I could go in for bloodwork tmrw. I have been going through this whole process since November, every month. Well this morning I figured I would take a HPT and the result was BFP! I was so excited, called the specialist and will be going for bloodwork trmw morning to confirm! Good luck to everyone and hope you all get your BFP’s soon!

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