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    So AF was due today and not here yet x gonna test tomorrow x gd luck to all u testers this weekend!


    8DPO….. i really dont have any symptoms…a few twimges or cramps here and there but thats it….anyone else testing soon???



    Hi ladies 🙂 first off I wanna send baby dust to everyone!! I know how it is trying to concieve. I just have a few questions so get ready for a long message. About me I’m 21 yrs old.. I have a beautiful 3 month old baby girl, she took 18 months for me to conceive. Now I wasn’t trying super hard, wasn’t taking my temp or ovulation tests.. just keeping track of my periods n ovulation(the best I could) anyways let me get to the point. I would like to have another baby when DD is about 2 yrs old. So I would need to conceive shortly after she’s one. I was wondering if you ladies have children already how long did u ttc with #1 n how long have u been trying to conceive #2,#3 etc. Just trying to decide if maybe I shouldn’t wait too long since it took me so long with #1 lol. Also did any of you receive the depo shot before ttc? Sorry its so long. Thanks for any responses!!! And good luck to all of u!! Don’t lose hope!



    Hey ladies have not been on in a long time. not sure what cd I am on but I think its 30. Should start within 4-6 days but I hope I dont. congrats to the bfps and POS ovulation tests.



    Eeyore, I would say the mens formula of vitamin is just fine. Perhaps he can take some extra zinc and selenium (you can google the foods high in those supplements). Another good supplement is Milk Thistle. It is good for anyone who smokes/drinks or has not got the healthiest of food habits. It cleanses the blood and purifies the liver. It’s like a natural detox. You can google it as well to find out more about how it works. My doctor recommended it for hubby and I. We eat alright, and don’t smoke – occasional social drinks – but I think a little extra ‘cleanse’ does not hurt. 🙂



    I am only 6dpo but man have I felt nausous off and on all day today… hope I am not coming down with something 🙁


    GL Left!! Sounds good!! =)



    thanks hun 🙂 pics are up named pic 2 iv posted 2 in my photo book have a look and tell me if you think they are bfps thankyou 🙂 xx



    Well after two exciting days of what I thought was implantation bleeding, AF showed up in full force today but not before I took a ept and got a BFN. I wish she had shown up first and saved me a couple bucks. Oh well, Mother Nature is cruel.



    Sherylee- Sounds promising! I’m thinkin you are gonna be walking away a happy woman from the Dr’s office! 🙂 FX for you!! 5DPO here, boobs still a little sore, but my back is sore now too, and I have had the same d/c sherylee explained.. thick,sticky,white. DH and I are going camping with friends this Friday, I’ll be 9DPO then. If I test do you think i’d get that bfp if I am infact pregnant? I ask bc I’m afraid to drink anything just incase I am.



    Mileysmom, we just started ttc…month one LOL! but been waiting MONTHS to go into remission so I’d be healthy enough…seems like I’ve been waiting forever



    Congrats dmmarinewife xx


    i used geritol and folic acid for my first cycle ttc post miscarriage and it worked for me. ive heard of women on this site getting pregnant by using soy though…i forget who but i can find out



    sorry Kristy … I soooooo know how u feel



    good luck hoping!! 🙂

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