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    Thanks Di!


    I am sooo against abortions. I just think if you dont want a baby then dont have sex even protected if you cant handle the consequences!



    Does anyone know if there is a possibily that I dont O at all? I have been checking my temps but only one month did I manage to do it the whole month through. FF could not detect O for me. I am worried there is something wrong with me and I should take something to make me O. Does that even exist? I am just starting cycle 4.



    Congrats nikki!



    jjsbabymama…WOOHOO!!!!!!!!! we’d be in the same week!



    Your welcome – im new myself and i have found this site fantastic, anything you need to know someone will go out of their way to find the answer out for you.

    They are all such nice ladys!!



    sorry weegee! when i got the IUD removed it took me 2 mths to regulate..



    cpalmer – i dont know ??? sometimes you can have all the O signs and not ovulate. just in case though you might just want to BD every other day


    lisa that’s EXACTLY what I used. I’m 12dpo and its a faint line but it is DEF there. THANK YOU EVERYONE! I swear I thought this day would NEVER come



    ok so i have 2 pee pee but i’m waiting for my hubby to bring me a test lol ..i have a long time 2 wait !!



    It only took me 4 weeks with my DS and that was after 9 years of BC lol xx



    well ladies I’m 4 days late for af and just took another hpt. it was negative. im now on cd40 and no signs of af. I think my body is officially messed up from either the bc or having my son. I don’t know what to do. My insurance won’t pay for me to see an infertility specialist. all I want to do is cry


    CONGRATS ANGEL & IRISH!!!!!! Irish it sounds like your HCG might be a little low (on target for this time frame) so the FMU picked it up-and theonext was diluted-makes a BIG difference-so just wait til tomorrow morning-ha lol-I know it will seem like forever! Digis arent wrong! So happy for you both, Im hoping to see one of those myself!! 4 more days!



    i mean middle and sorry



    LOL xwee sounds awesome, how sweet! lol yeah i have been googling on and off all day (damn addiction grr) but i am very very confident that this is it for me..have been all cycle..will keep everything crossed for both of us! xx Di, i hope it doesnt affect with bloods cos i just want an answer. xx

Viewing 15 posts - 22,906 through 22,920 (of 131,346 total)

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