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    Thanks Ashes 🙂 I told myself I wasn’t gonna go nuts trying to make it happen but I am already planning my O days and marking them on the calender! This could be madness!



    Mamabri – Good luck to you hun!! I hope things get better and DH was just in a bad mood!!!



    I understand how you feel amanda. I thought I was going crazy this morning when I saw that faint line. I’m praying for the both of us that there both BFP!


    With work getting crazy busy, I’m not able to keep up with the volume in here! I’m 3DPO now (finally pinpointed ovulation and ‘officially’ in the 2WW, according to FF), and hoping the days pass quickly… FX for all of you in the 2WWs for ovulation or testing! Also curious how many of you paid for FF after your 30 day trial membership ended? Mine is almost up, so I’m trying to decide.


    I also get the feeling that my boobs are fuller and kind of firm feeling? but, all of this could be from hormones since i stopped BF my son about a month ago (he weaned himself)



    kirby i don’t know what parental care is but folic acid is essential for pregnancy…is it one of the ingredients?



    this sucks…these women are talking about if thier baby is a boy or a girl. i wish i was here because i got a bfp.



    pinkie & spook, yall are cracking me up!! hahahaha!



    tbt – I had to think about the date this morning, three more days right? I am being extra good, no POAS yet!



    lil.pigz- Yep..thats The Rock♥ My dh HATES him ever since I said I loved his body,lol. Eh, our 18 and 13 yr old don’t find ‘dad’ as cool as their idols either:-) but then again, my dh is about as mature as our 18 yr old half the time anyway!!… you can record some paranormal activity then if you get really bored?lol, your dh would probably have a fit if you used his equipment to chase ghosts:-)



    I have no clue tiffy. They gave me a statement from where they had to send the test off for 2 days, But I have no clue what it means, all I know is she said congrats your pregnant.

    The statement says:
    HCG Subunit Qnt=30=1D=1WK



    dpo9 here. BFN. Time is so slow.



    SarahL-You’re fine to go to CP and ride everything! Their main concern is people that are really preggo riding things. The seatbelts can do some harm to the baby if they’re big enough! I’ve had many friends ride the coasters before they knew they were pregnant and their babies are fine! Have fun! I LOVE CP! DIdn’t get to go last summer b/c I was preggo!



    Megan – mine always starts this way and then the next morning full force!! So that’s why I thinking it’s AF for me. Last pregnancy I did have the implantation bleeding and it was light brown and was there only when I wiped for about 4 days. I’m hoping that that’s what you have! 🙂



    Thanks Ashes!! I sure hope so… I swear I get more and more discouraged as the months pass by. This will be month #5 for me 🙂 Sending some Baby Dust your way!!!!

Viewing 15 posts - 23,011 through 23,025 (of 131,346 total)

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