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    [email protected]
    thats my facebook add 🙂

    anyone else from perth



    So Oing takes like 4 days, I feel like having the AF with the exception that there is no spot or flow. I am going nuts… is bad enough when you are having AF and the symptoms to have it when you are Oing you would think ones is enough.



    hey kennesha! It sounds like you had fun last week. DH is an over the road trucker so he’s home 2 (nonconsecutive) days a month! He was home last Friday and this past Monday and we had such a good time. I’ve been working nights so he grilled steaks, baked potatoes and corn on the cob and brought it to me for dinner and he sent me half a dozen pink roses (my favorite) AND he paid for pedicures and massages on Monday. 🙂 It was nice to have him home but it sucks now that he’s back on the road. 🙁



    anyone else have any news?
    or need extra prayers? 🙂



    Diane taketwo – thanks, i will try check every day so i can get an idea of changes. Jeno – Day 1 is when bleeding (red blood) starts. The brown discharge is not considered as AF.



    Morning all! Ugh… I’m 7DPO and I feel awful. Just so tired and been getting lil cramps in my lower abdomen and in my lower back. Isn’t it kinda early for pregnancy symptoms? AF isn’t due for nearly 2 weeks yet so got a while to go before I can test. Thing is, with my daughters, I never had any pregnancy symptoms. Didn’t get sore breasts, didn’t feel sick or tired or anything till I was a few months pregnant… So confusing! Maybe I’m imagining the symptoms I have now. I’m not saying anything to my BF though. Anyway, hope you all have a fab day and STICKY baby dust! XxX



    Hi All, well AF didnt show her face yesterday, so this morning I did the dreaded test. I used a clear blue digital. I got a BFP yey lol. I am so excited, I hope there is penty more BFP our there. Barrels of baby dust to you all,



    After being 2 weeks late, AF has finally come. I’m relieved, I’ve never in my life had an off-cycle. So this month I had a 4ww, haha. Now back to ttc! I now know what you all with crazy cycles go though, I feel for ya!
    Congrats to all the Mother’s Day bfp’s!



    ok so i used an ovulation stick just now and it had two lines one darker than the other. how do you know if its negative or positive?



    Oh Cazz, how exciting! GOOD LUCK!!!!!



    Congrats Babyk!



    again, for ladies having trouble with OPKs, I really recommend – or Abigailsmommy’s/TryingAgain’s instructions – lol



    hiya Kim!! Yay on your early + OPK!!! The clomid seems to have put you into high gear for a strong ovulation! Yay!



    Wait and see what the blood work has to say… hope for the best, but prepare for the possibility. With my chemical pregnancy (ack, I hate that term… hate more that they are so freakin’ common) my ‘period’ came 5 1/2 days late.



    bean- just lurking! Spent a few months in this part of the forum! Some women can use FMU with OPKs and has no issues. I would always get a positive or close to using FMU. I usually used 2nd. Another thing, if you do get a positive take another one in 2-4 hours. If it is still positive your chances of actually ovulating are much higher. I hated getting the one time positives bc it so often meant i wasn’t going to pop the egg! GRRRR!

Viewing 15 posts - 23,356 through 23,370 (of 131,346 total)

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