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    Hi phoenix….Ladies I have to say this 2WW is killing me today. Each day I wake up and my symptoms are still there it feeds me more hope….I would dearly love to be able to tell my hubby I am expecting for a valentine gift. I am too the point of frustration where I am considering going out later and seeing if I can grab a cheap early response test…according to my ticker I am only 3 days away from being able to test…so I am wondering if it would show up on a early response test??? what do you all think?? should I wait or should I test?


    Mavy~ I had cramps yesterday too and I was wondering the same thing. Hopefully for both of us that is true. 🙂



    I am!



    Thanks Luzaan, cant wait to test or find out for sure!!

    Kayla I am sorry and hope everything works out. Good luck Donna and LadyGodwin. It does seem like the days of the 2ww drag on and on for forever!! Lots of sticky baby dust



    Dannie – when in doubt BD :-)))



    I too am with you Mavy143, Babybumpofluv and Debih. I am 4dpo giv or take a day. This 2ww is long and only a few days into it! We will all be testing at the same time, so baby dust to all of us and hoping for 4xBFPs!!! GOOD LUCK bgscoobyluver with your test today. You are wonderful waiting to do it with you DH! Sorry Seimzurub, hoping you get some good news monday! It must be sooo hard and confusing hearing you aren’t and then you are. I bet monday can’t come fast enough!!!! Congratulations Diane on your new job. Good luck to everyone TTC!



    Yup, Safari was just being dumb… working on Explorer and Firefox.



    Ladies, this is a great tool to help you figure out your true due date: — you can select your due date based on when you conceived (your O day) or on your date of LMP. As many of us use OPKs of BBT, the due date based on ovulation day is very accurate! Most of us do not have the standard 28 day cycle that most due date calculators go by, that is why I like this one 🙂



    I’ve got to get showered and dressed for Gymboree, I was hoping my DH would take DS today but it appears getting him up is next to impossible!



    OH my goodness do you ladies ever have a lot of information about ovulation and ttc! I am so in over my head haha! Very educational thanks!



    Got to go take my little man to his doc appointment! Later!

    #6851844 husband sings that song..he also calls our kitten ‘nasty Cat’. On that note does anyone have a persian cat stud ? I’m looking to breed my kitten once but that bitch better not get a BFP before me lol



    AF is here, and she is early. I was supposed to get her on Friday. So now I am totally confused. My last 3 cycles were 33 days and now this cycle was 31 days. Arrgh, I just want to scream. (((SCREAMING)))



    dmmarinewife I asked my doctor that question as I had pre-eclampsia too also late stages of pregnancy. He said you are more likely to have it with your first pregnancy than your second unless you have a family history of hypertension or other relating factors but other than that you can’t really get a definate answer to whether or not you will get it again. Hope that helps some 🙂 Congrates on the bfp’s hope you have lovely pregnancies. RYLANS LOL Thanks.



    phoenix, I am so happy for you! pretty soon you’ll get to hear the happy sounds of a little heartbeat! too fun. yeah, the 6 weekers are probably all sleeping all the time. at least we here in TTC have more energy… right? lol.

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