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    the reason i need to know is because i slipped last night and even though i said I would wait till tomorrow … i tested last night and got a BFN :((((( i think if I knew for sure that the Rexall one step was not 25miu it would make me feel alot better … cause right now i am incredibly sad and discouraged…. i am going to buy FRERS tonight and test with FMU tomorrow .. but still feel really sad CD 29- 16DPO today … A test should have shown positive by 15 dpo and it wasn’t … but I still have soo many signs .. BB’s are soo sore today and still have to P like crazy and NPS still swollen .. dark blue veins going right through NP area… bloated … uterine cramping .. felt sick for 5 mins both yesterday and today in the very early morning ….. like are all these symptoms in my head….. AF due today and NOOO sign of her yet…… i dont even feel like Im about to start…. somebody tell me something encouraging!!! I read an HCG chart and it said avg HCG for 15DPO is 59MIU so if test was 50 MIU wouldn’t it have picked it up… there wasn’t even a faint line….. :((((





    Hey Good MORNING! Getting a late start on the day and it is ok with me! DS woke up early again but ended up falling back to sleep! Yay for me! Feeling like I might be coming down with something. Been a little more tired and have a really mild scratchy throat and a bitty headache. 6 dpo! My egg (if it was fertilized) should be hatching today and tomorrow! I so hope there is something going on in there! It is crazy that it is really almost decided whether I will be expecting or not! I’ve never had a day by look…but to know if the egg didn’t get fertilized AF will be here in 9 days! That is crazy! Here is a link describing each day along with an image:



    bod- wow her profile is gone??



    Welcome back WCB 🙂 I feel ya on the sick front… day three of a chest cold for me. No fever today though, thankfully. Glad you are getting more tests for more answers! My weight is closely tied to how my cycles work. I think this past summer my weight loss threw off my cycles a bit, coupled with my body adjusting to new meds. Hoping now that my cycles will get back to their normal 29-30 day length. That would be sweet!


    I feel the same if i have support from women in the same position a BFN dont seem so bad but if it was a BFP it would feel amazing



    Sorry, I forgot to ask! Did anyone else pay for the FF VIP package? I just paid for it via paypal but it inserted my old address which is my Nans address and I didnt notice untill it was too late. Do they actually send anything out in the post??? I dont want my nan to know that we are trying and obviously she will guess if she gets a big pink envelope with Fertility Friend and my name on lol



    Hello Lovely Ladies……………..Ive just poppde on to see how cleo went. Its exciting!!



    jj…always trust your gut…*baby dust*



    Thanks Diane & LilMrsK



    Hey all its 15.12 hrs here in the uk and I am on nights so been in bed until now x back on nights tonight and feel so urgh nights make me grouchy xx im unbearable to be around so moody xxx



    I will claim credit for ”the egg that got laid at Easter and will hatch at Christmas’ … If I get a BFP this month, I’m going to put that message and the + HPT in a box for hubby to open… here’s hoping! I can’t think of anything creative for a May BFP…. ‘MAYbe baby due in New Year’? lol – nah, nobody would get that!


    jj, I used the extra sensitive strips from its a faint positive but it is THERE.



    DPO would be the day after ovulation


    Ugh I wish it was easy and we had like red nipples when we were ovulating lmao. It would be so easy.

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