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    I’m 7dpo



    Its Sunday!!! One more day until AF is due to arrive, i keep praying that she will stay away. The only symptoms I’m having that is associated with my cycle is sore boobs. Other than that last night i had more flutters. IDK!!! It could be her or it could be baby in progress, we’ll find out Tuesday. I have been cleaning all day and read earlier that some women nest early, but i know better because I clean every Sunday, lol… Anywho have a great day ladies!!


    eey- Well, hopefully ( don’t know if you’re religious or not) if we keep our thoughts postive and pray and just do what we can then we will have our little ones before we know it 🙂



    Congratulations mamabri x x



    Thank you Spunky – Good luck to you too!



    Alicia-n-baby…I thought it might be (but I don’t know too much about charting either)….I sincerely HOPE it is though! Of all the charts I’ve obsessively scoured since I began charting two months ago, the ones with the dip usually have a BFP about 3-5 days later. I’m ‘forcasted’ for AF to start this Saturday (roughly 5 days after the temp dip). I definitely don’t have the obsessive need to pee on a stick this month either…the only thing I wished I could have still tracked was how long my OPK stayed positive…I ran out of OPKs and the last one I took (which marked day four of raging positives) was only a morning OPK. Sigh…I really hope this is the end of this TTC mess too…my friend Christina here…I mentioned in passing to her that I was trying and ‘hey you should try too!’ as a joke since she’s already got 4 kids…well she’s pregnant now…got her BFP a week ago. Kinda wanted to die a little when she told me…


    Warwickbaby…the Shettles method can give you answers on how to get a boy. You can google it. Supposably sp? the closer to o time that you bd you should get a boy. Like within 24 hours. But there is more stuff too…


    Alright ladies, I need help reading my OPK’s. Tonite i am gonna post the pics of my OPK’s and i would really appreciate it if you all could have a look and tell me what you think. (My camera batteries are charging as i write this so i will post them tonite.) OPK’s can be very confusing to read and i am using a new brand from last month. I will let you all know when i post the pic. TIA!


    luvababe – My LMP started on July 29 I have about a 4-5 day cycle.


    Hi ladis! I am CD 13 today. Hoping to be able to test on Thanksgiving Day! What a great thing it would be to get my BFP then! Good luck to all testing soon and baby dust to all. 🙂



    however, i am a lil sick this morning… lol i guess time will tell how this is going to play out.



    Welcome Brandi and anyone else. hello ladies! Got back from my nice weekend away to take a test with a BFN and soooo bumming! I thought for sure my body feels different. Crampy/tingling in uterus area, car sickness… I hate over speculation now I’m in the dumps! Didn’t drink all weekend with all the fun things going on so now I wish I let loose a bit. Still have a couple days before AF but not too hopeful. Congrats Bex and anyone else. Waiting2 that’s heartbreaking! The gym thing would
    probably make me feel good but I feel like I’m running around all day anyways! My gym membership is just burning a hole in my wallet. Motivate me please!



    Bonjour Eeyore!



    Thankyou Alicia, im hoping it’s a good sign aswell !!! Im hopeful



    Hi ladies, I also took a HPT (anybody else out there spending RIDICULOUS amounts of money on these things?) yesterday, 9 DPO and BFN! I hope this doesn’t offend anyone but I find it ironic that I spent so much of my early sexual experience trying NOT to get pregnant and now I’m trying and it’s not happening!! I am CRAVING chocolate, which is a definite sign of AF, so I think I’m going to save the other 2 HPT in the package of 3 I got until next month. AF should arrive Fri, so I’m going to TRY not to waste the money. But I couldn’t stop myself from testing yesterday instead of tomorrow, so IDK. Congrats to all those who have received their BFP!!! and BABY DUST to the rest of us….

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