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    haha cpalmer thats crazy! i started march 4th… lol



    janine, I spot for a day before AF usually, but sometimes I just go directly to AF, no warning. I have also spotted before a BFP. Either is possible. Have you tested?



    Sorry to hear you’re cramping! But YEAH to O time…get DH ready for some BDing! I’m okay, but sad to say I am out this month. AF showed up 4+ days late….dumb b!tch! LOL



    ok Im cd 6 when do i start taking opk’s?



    Awe darn. I was hoping you were!


    So I remember 10 years ago my very first pregnancy symptom with my son was sore BB .. I knew I was PG with him before i missed AF…. last month before we has our loss, days after conception my BB’s were swollen around the nipple, tingling and somewhat tender ….
    So OVulated Wednesday and already have swollen, fat glands and tender nipples…. trying hard not to read to much into it… but i know my body very well and know what is normal ovulation symptoms for me and swollen, fat sore BB’s is not one of my signs…. I cannot stand waiting 2 weeks to test .. because i already have a feeling that I could be PG!!! (seriously ladies … inknow days after conception with my 10 DS and my PG last month) ….. ☺



    ryders i would bd jst incase ur Oing early, its prob jst a surge but u never know!!!



    i come on today too i was due today aswell so guess my cycles back on 28 days


    Today is CD 27, AF due tomorrow…………



    Here we go ladies…
    Pretty indepth look at the cervix !!



    moonpie- at first when my mom got pregnant i was a little intimidated. i had been the only child for 10 years. I acted out a little because all the attention wasent focused on me. The worse thing i did was steal my babysitters cigarette and attempted to smoke it. Well i got caught. Needless to say after being grounded for a entire summer was not thrilling. Katie came in June. I automatically realized i wanted to be a #1 big sister. I adjusted very well. My mom taught me things and I became a helper. I always had a job or chores but I always wanted to help with the baby. The impact was very good. I now had a reason to be a good role model because my baby sister needed someone to look up too. Her 15th birthday is in June and i cant believe she is getting so old. She is my best friend.



    This is our first month TTC. It will be the 2nd child for each of us but the first together! Hopefully it wont take too long to conceive. I had the mirena in for 3 years and have had it removed for 2 months. Baby dust to all. xxxxxxxx



    Woah, very lucky you were not thrown from the vehicle… at least you don’t have to worry about a badly bruised mid-section inflaming your uterine region…



    Sitting in the dreaded two week window…wishing I could fast forward to the 20th and know!!!



    Cherryb0m – Thank you so much. Sometimes trying to understand all of the process is like is a total new language for me.

Viewing 15 posts - 2,356 through 2,370 (of 131,346 total)

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