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    Anyone else using opk?



    I just read my post and got im a dick haha my temp was 36.5 and ff did catch my o on cd 18. Im half asleep going woken up my my sil 🙁 and my stupid sooky dog 🙁 lol . Well ill find out tomorrow if I did o for certain.



    97.2 I think. Not 100% on that.



    OH! where is everyone???


    I’ve been following along with you ladies but haven’t really posted. I’m currently TTC and took a test Mon morning. BPN 🙁 Still no AF and I’m not sure if it was too early or truth. I’m on CD28 today but the last 2 months had 29 and 30 day cycle. I’m feeling a bit sicky but I’ve tricked myself so many times, I just don’t know



    Cnjsmum- brilliant… Really hoping that we do get 10/10 this month!!! 🙂



    Day 43 and still no af and no bfp. I guess my dr and I will be having a chat when I get my thyroid levels on monday. I find it strange that when my levels were off the chart I was regular and had no symptoms really, now I’m on synthroid and have supposedly ‘normal’ levels and my body is messed up. So frustrated!



    Sorry for tmi but has anyone who got a bfp been real wet after 7dpo?


    I’m due to test Friday! Of course I tested yesterday lol and BFN so I think I should hold out till Friday. Although I bought 2 FRER tests but I think I should wait. I didn’t get a positive until the day AF was due last pregnancy. Although it was due on a Sunday and I tested before that on a Friday with a BFN and decided to wait till Sunday!



    Hello ladies just a question for anyone who has been prego and didn’t know it. I was wondering if anyone has ever had low prog levels and found out later that they were prego? I have been having some never before feelings of fullness in my abdm area to the point it is uncomfrotable to suck it in at times. Mainly feel this in the lower area. Had a bout 1 week of feeling like AF was going to start but nothing. With my PCOS and not getting AF naturally it is so hard to tell. I have tried a few (on diff days) opk’s and hpt’s to see if they indicate anything. Nothing shows but then they are the internet cheap ones and with PCOS it could cause the test to be inconclusive. If this keeps up or gets worse in the next few days I will see my dr about it. I hope nothing is wrong.



    AF should definitely be starting today… After not having one for 4 years!! Booooo! Suuuper crampy! Blah. Seeg I know it’s hard to ignore, but try and relax these last days of your cycle and FX for a BFP!! You are probably crampy, twingy, and feeling the tightening because you BD’d for almost two weeks straight!! Lol! Take some Tylenol and take a break!! 😉



    Seans- Thats a terrible email. Anyone that has been tracking and trying longer than 1 month knows the disapointment of wanting to be pregnant and getting a BFN. And even though trying for 12 or 24 months is a lot of heartbreak we are all supposed to support each other with ttc



    Hey ladies!!! Been trying to stay away from the computer and such lately. I had a bit of a hard time this month when AF came so I’m trying not to think about TTC from here on out. I have been doing everything ‘right’ since our chemical pregnancy in December and we’ve still had no luck so…I’m just gunna try and forget about it. It’s too stressful for me. Just came on to wish you all a Happy Easter and the best of luck to everyone!! I’ll log on from time to time to check in on how everyone is doing!! <3



    danette- sorry to hear AF arrived. I think that is the best way to view it. Better off not knowing and just considering it AF. I beld heavily for 5 weeks before and never tested so glad I didn’t know for sure what it was. Do you temp and use OPK’s?



    Amanda-I got both of my BFP’s after AF was due and both times the line was barely visible. Yours is really dark, it could be twins 🙂

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