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    Someone please talk some sense into me. I want to test. I had my LH surge on the 20th and my period isn’t even due until the 4th at the earliest and I already am trying so hard not to test. I am trying not to get my hopes up.



    blydansmommy – My last pregnancy I used a first response 4 days before AF was due and got a positive, but i would be careful telling people this early just in case it is a chemical pregnancy… I told my mum straight away but all other close family we told at about 6 weeks and then waited til 12 weeks to tell everyone else…. Its up to you though 😉



    I am trying to hold off until sat to test! But I am CD 25/28 so I am soooo ancy!!! ‘The hubby has hid my preggo test. He knows me… test early. Really hoping this was our month. Sometimes I feel preggo, and other times I say its all in my head… Im so scared…



    sorry I should probably shut up now! lol


    Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mommies and mommies to be!! Haven’t felt nauseous since the other day so assuming that was not a sign like I was hoping. 🙁


    GREAT NEWS! Thanks newmama!



    ps congrats mamabear x x x


    hi everyone. im new here and so i wanted to introduce myself. my name is melissa and my fiancee and i have been TTC our first baby for a year and 5 months. today i went to the ob-gyn for the 1st time ever and got birthcontrol to regulate my periods so that i ovulate more regularly… and so in 2 months, my doctor will begin the process i need to hopefully become pregnant!!!! i hope all goes well!

    anyway, i heard i could meet friends here, and so here i am! LOL



    Toomany..I did a round of clomid about 6 years ago and it didn’t work. Thought id give it another shot. I don’t remember if it changed my ovulation..I don’t think I knew much back then



    want 2 be mom im still here with ya from the last 6 – 7 months sorry i dont get in to chat much but im still here with ya



    zoehow-oh my goodnes i do the same thing int he ttw i back of i dont run i dont get to puffed and the i have to get back into the routine when af shows so weight is slowly creeping on, i want it sooo bad i dont wana do anything to go wrong in the ttw..



    about 6 months ago, the other was increased activity combined coming off the pill. That was almost 4 years ago.



    k ladies im anywhere betwenn 4-6 dpo! Im gonna test ont the 8th! I hope we get or BFP!!! Baby dust to all!



    mom22 – so has AF shown up yet?



    and congrats wishfulthinking!!

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