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    wmommy – I am from week 11 and I didn’t have sore breasts until this week so don’t give up hope because of that.



    More AF symptoms. I feel as If I am going to start any moment. I have mild cramps and my back aches a little. On top of it I think I am getting cold, I feel mucus-ey.



    Congrats to all the BFP’s coming through wishing you all a happy and healthy 9 months ahead… DH and i have just started our 25th month TTC… starting to get a little discouraged but know it will happen when it is meant to (fingers crossed it’s soon)… ***SHAKE SHAKE*** baby dust to all xxx



    cleo i know what u mean this week is going so slow to me


    Hi Everyone! My DH and I are trying for #2. I was on the Depo shot for 1.5yrs. I got the last shot in November. My OB said she thought we’d be able to start around May if I didn’t get another one. I had a perfect 27 day cycle in May and June. I took that as a good sign and tracked my ovulation and made sure the deed was done on my ovulation day. 2 days later I got a sorta period. It was DEFINITELY more than spotting but only lasted like 2 days. Then 5 days later I had pink tinged mucous when I went to the bathroom. Nothing since. I was due for AF on the 24th and tested with the early ClearBlue Easy digi tests on the 23rd (it was an expired test so I bought more) and the 25th. For the 25th I even tested in the morning. Both have said neg. And here we are at the 26th with still no AF. Hmm…I’ve had heartburn and more frequent pee breaks throughout the night but I didn’t have any symptoms in the beginning with my son so I’ve got nothing to compare it to. At this point I even think I’m imagining the stuff just because it’s wishful thinking. I wish I’d either get AF or have a test tell me PREGNANT just so I can stop wondering during the inbetween time. I feel like I’m going to go mad!!



    Thanks ladies for your input, I feel A LOT better!

    One adorable, TEETHING, 15 month old for rent. J/K



    7DPO getting impatient!! im thinking im not gonna get a BFP. although my boobs are still hurtin and im peeing alot!



    Cleo: af just left Sat. It came 5 days early. So this month I was on a 25 day cycle!!! What is that about. So I guess my cd is 2. But last month af was 31 days. I am all messed up. So I will start the opk kit tonight. And just go through the whole month with it. I get the Clearblue one because I dont know if it is just me but the ones withthe lines confuse the heck out of me!! LOL!! I have no idea if I am o’ing or what wit them.



    Veronicanewmommy my LMP was July 4 and still not AF. I was due on the 31st. I was nausea about a week ago and then all of a sudden just stopped. Had headaches that stopped. Took a couple test they came back BFN. So I dont know what to expect.. Just wish for my period to come or get BFP>Glad there are other people going through the same thing as me. LOL


    Sorry to comment and run, but I’ve got to head to work. I’ll chat with you ladies tomorrow hopefully. I’m off work. Just had to share my good news LOL. Take care



    Kargy- I am only 4dpo too! It has been a long four days haha. I keep over analysing every twinge or ache I have thinking..could it be implantation etc Then I keep thinking..oh but what if I didnt ovulate then and the test wasnt quite positive. This getting pregnant is stressful stuff! Hope the time does drag on too much. how many days are you going to test at?



    good luck LC… i’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. and if AF does come, just BD twice a day everyday until she is due again… that’s kind of what i’ve been making my hubby do, at first he was thrilled, but now he thinks i’m using him for his seed 🙂



    Af finally arrived yesterday…36 day cycle yuck! But I am relieved and over joyed that I actually know whats going on with my body. I bought a basal thermometer and I am looking forward to using that. So on to month 2 cycle 2 of ttc…cd2.



    thx cleo and goalie 🙂 I think I ovulated around the 25th. My last period was Jan 8. I have a 30 day cycle, so af was due around today. I’ll test again tomorrow morning, and book blood work to be sure 🙂



    loopy – I just tested and have another faint line on my 10 miu test. I tried the 20 miu internet cheapy midstream test and can’t see anything. I don’t want to use a good store brand yet as I’m only 9 DPO today. I’ll keep testing with the cheapos until I get a line I can see easily. 🙂

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