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    I am just home from an overnight trip to my in-laws summer home, and I am POOPED! Busy weekend, but lots of fun 🙂



    Pregnancy symptoms can last up to 6 weeks after an early miscarriage.



    Research Vitex (Chaste berry) Rubes – it is an herb and usually readily available in health food stores. It worked for me (well, at least to fix my production of prolactin!)



    I Dont know about u ladies but am tesing again 2morrow looooooool and this time if i get bfn i promise not to test again until 12dpo or 14dpo



    Hey ladies, I was just curious, does anyone else have as much dang trouble with those OPK’s as I do??? The doctor has done testing, says that yes I ovulate monthly, and all the test came out fine… But, for the life of me, I can’t get those OPK’s to work for me at all. I have been told that you have to take them at the right time, and if you don’t hit the right time, then you wont see it. I have never gotten the right time!!! grrrrrr It is sooo frustrating. The doctor said to keep using the methods to somewhat pinpoint my ovulation, which is the CM, the halfway mark between my periods, and middlesmertz pain.. But, of course since we have started ttc, the dang middlesmertz has gone away!! Which concerned me, but the doctor said that comes and goes.. which is right, as I’ll have periods of time when I’ll have it monthly and then it will go away for months… anyway, any pointers on the OPK’s?? Oh, and btw, if everything was correct, I should have ovulated today!! Hopefully it worked this month!!!!! Sooo crossing my fingers:) Oodles of Baby dust to all of you that are still ttc:) Congrats to anyone that has already gotten their BFP:) Hoping that everybody gets theirs ASAP also!!!!!



    hey I need some advice guys- Im having a get together sunday with some old high school friends, and theyre bringing their babies(ranging from 18 mths to 5yrs) its from 1:00 pm onwards..any ideas what I should serve?since its after lunch,,it could be more snack food right..what do u guys suggest? Im definitely making cupcakes..



    Congrats boyzmom!!



    I am not sure Jumana. I would maybe call your doctor tomorrow and ask just to be on the safe side 🙂



    i relented and tested this morning. BFN. AF due on sunday i think (going by when i think i ovulated as my cycles aren’t really regular).. anyway, i can’t shake the feeling that i’m pregnant tho. been cramping for about 3 days now like AF is coming, but nothing happens… in some ways, some part of me really really wishes it, and i think this part is fooling me into thinking i am. but i don’t think it’s the right month for it to happen…



    Not much! I had a pregnancy dream… I tested again, pics on my page… Nothing big to report so far!



    i like the positive thinking! i actually think you got a good shot this month 🙂 & your welcome darwinsbaby



    cpalmer: Eeee!!! I truly hope that faint line darkens up for ya!!



    lains- ive had that before when i first came off my pill. Its gross but I sooo know what your talking about.. I thought mine was the mucous plug that the pill creates? thats what i thought anyways cuz it never happened again.



    Whatcouldbe – AMAZING congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Im HOME! thanks EVERYONE! Your support is overwhelming-Doctor took me in ASAP this morning-took it very seriously….sent me on a barrage of tests, bloodwork, CBC, white/red cell counts, saliva slides, xrays of chest and sinus cavity. he said it could be mny things from something simple as a sinus issue, an allergy (its ragweed season?) dunno, never had an allergy-he said you can get one at any age anytime. My results come friday-if they are BAD! BUT while in the x-ray office, I spoke with my mri tech-told him why I was being tested, told him about the impending IVF transfer-and that I would probably be cancelling it as I need to figure out my health first….after he took about 6 x rays, he asked me to sit in his office-he came in after about 5 minutes and toldme there was NOTHING on my lungs….so I am very pleased and relieved to hear that-being an ex-2 decade smoker-its all I have been thinking about. So we will see what Friday brings. I called TCART-my fertility clinic on the way home, to ask them questions about this morning-as I was in a daze-but havnt heard fromt hem yet-so when I get more answers in regards to my Ultrasound this morning Ill let you know ((((BIG HUGS TO ALL))))))

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