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    Sarah-that’s exactly what I do!



    mrstranum————– don’t you start going pessimistic on me. LOVEY BUG!!!!!!!!!!!! I personally think you have a better chance this month then last…….. With every cycle you learn alittle more about yourself……………………….. BABY DUST to YOU and ALL the Ladies in our forum……….. HUGS. And a million THANKS to all who responded to my little drama ………………….. You have no idea, I run a 55+ rv resort ……. Aside from Georgia and Laura, I had to be REALLLLLLLLLLLLLY quiet! Hubbbbbbbby was good but kinda just has this bad habit of distraction and not really listening. Nods ALOT!!!!!! And that was hard without you all to talk to.



    I think you are supposed to O halfway through the cycle, so for a 34 day cycle you would assume that your O day is 17 after the first day of your last AF. This is beginning to sound like a math problem.



    why do i torture myself? I JUST got my positive opk at 12:30 and an hour later tried it again! lol of course it was neg! Try it again in 4 hours! lmao My name is Alison, and I have a problem POAS!



    I have been trying for about 4 years.



    supermama801 congrats! H&H 9 months to ya



    Gator-it is possible! Just BD in case it’s time!



    @ loopylou24 -> I understand what you are saying ans agree but like I have said I never know when AF is due so I can’t even go by that lol. I would have to wait til then anyways before I can take my meds again just in case. So I will hang in til monday. At least I hope I can lol. As it gets closer the more I want to. Will be back have to go get DH from work as I took the car today lol.


    aww thanks girls. I will have lots of up dates . i want to blog more about every step. Maybe my experiences can help some one else.



    Congrats Babymama! That is so awesome for you, happy 9 months! Very interesting about glob of cm, I got that as well two days ago, I’m 7dpo! No symptoms otherwise, lower abdominal cramps seem to have gone away, but I didn’t have any symtpoms at all until 6 weeks with my first (although got a BFP at 5!



    @Crazy lol 2 funny



    @weegee – I’d be annoyed too – I haven’t told anyone we’re trying again – except on here… I told lots of people when we were trying for Josh – and that took 18 months.. I used to hate it when people would ask how it was going.. when peeps ask me now, I just tell them that I would love another, but we’ll see! I’m also going to try and not say anything till I get my 12 week scan this time (mind u, I’m a bit of a blabber mouth so I doubt I’ll make it to 12 weeks without saying anything!)



    I hope so too…



    terrac i would! but i love poas



    yep i tested 3 days after af and got a positve 4 days in a row then the 5th the line was that faint it was a negative and to day and yesterday have been positives and im due for af in about 9 days

Viewing 15 posts - 23,896 through 23,910 (of 131,346 total)

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