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    I’m going to buy a bunch of tests to day as well……prepare myself for a POA weekend



    Afternoon, ladies! My word, winter has arrived here with a vengeance already! It’s freezing! I was looking for a bit of advice… have any of you had experiences with DHs who ‘froze’ on the whole TTC thing?? A month ago, DH was saying that we should get going now because the age gap between DS and the new baby would be 3 years and over, which is already wider than we’d hoped… So I stopped contraception, and went to see the Dr, who gave me a clean bill of health to get going on TTC… well, since I’ve gotten the A-Ok from the Doc, DH hasn’t touched me in 3 days, which for us is a pretty long time…. He made some passing joke when I got back and told him about me being ‘dangerous’ now… but really??? Has anyone else’s DH had this problem and loosened up eventually??


    hello ladies, how a re yall.


    lovin..I don’t know what to tell you…sorry. Maybe just test again and if still bfn wait a couple days to test again.


    Stay away lils boss


    looks like a lot of possible BFP going on . Accourding to my ticker I’m not going to O for a couple weeks I HATE THESE LONG CYCLES! It’s like double amount of time most of you ladies have.



    Hey everyone! Wanted to leave a message wishing everyone good luck! My husband and I got off the pill in March and we are really just seeing what happens! We have a 17 month old baby boy (Jax). It is so exciting to be trying again!



    No prob Green – good luck!


    diane- i was wondering the same thing. I like people cheering me on too. But I dont want to let anyone else down by seeing another BFN!



    TTC.our.first>>>i will try to hold off testing for a couple of days. I usually get slightly tender breasts but not nipples. Thanks…Baby Dust to you and everyone else!!!



    WTG nikki.e



    Welcome keisha & sorry for ur loss…..hope u enjoy the forum 🙂


    Just popping by to see if there was any more BFPs – Im pretty stressed out atm ds is in hospital sick with his bowel problems and is having an enima ( if thats how its spelt ) later on this evening – i hate seeing him being sedated : ( but its whats best for him until they have a look at his intestines – Hopefully he will be home tomorrow afternoon – Make sure you let me know all i miss.



    Thanks ttc2! I’m not sure. I had my first big pinch and I reacted the same way. And my boyfriend asked what happened? Then I’ve had a dull pinching feeling probably a couple times every hour for days. I know it could be anything. But I like to hear stories like yours!



    Morning ladies. I’m sad to report that AF has made a grand entrance….b!tch.

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