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    cpalmer – Tuesday!?! I’ve never heard of it taking that long. They always call the next day so you can go in within 48 hours to see if its doubling??? I don’t get it.



    tummy mummy- im feeling the exact same way……



    thanks excited.



    about time. lol. well af is due this week. no sign of her yet.



    this month will be my 8th month ttc. all i have been doing is watching my MC so far. Can i get suggestings on what to do now?



    I did read about the comment box being messed up. Hopefully it’s fixed for good. Can’t imagine 6. Trying to comprehend 4, I guess 5 with DH : ) lol



    LaChica – they confirmed my M/C this morning, so I don’t know how I would figure out my CD, if today would be CD1 or 2, or if I wait till I have another flow before I can start counting??? I have no idea how that works. One of my friends here in town had a m/c and got preggo with twins 11 days later, so I guess today is maybe CD1?? I dunno!


    Congrats Escribo i hope to join your BFP bus soon, although today i just dont know. Butterflies have stopped, i feel achy down there and ‘full’ for want of a better word, i think im 4DPO now and i dont know what to think. We have BD 5 days in a row so hope we have the best shot, i just dont know how to feel. Dont want to set myself up for a fall and dont want to get excited either, this is weird



    quynn, the week to week is so slow. i try to get it movin, but it’sall about ms or u/s


    TAYLOR…I am using OPK’s this cycle(My first time ever using them!) Im so excited. Im gonna start on CD 12 and then run until i get my positive. CM wise….its kinda off and on…yesterday i was really wet(sorry tmi) and today im dry…so idk. My doctor gave me estrogen and progesterone to use along with the clomid. The estrogen i start on CD 10-16 and its supposed to help make more CM around ‘O’ and then progesterone CD 21-28 to help substain a pregnancy if it occurs (which it will lol).



    is anyone eles having trouble accepting people into their friends network??? It says accept decline but i can not click on either…so If you have invited me I am sorry that I haven’t responded



    So I have a quyestion: Doesn’t the opening of your cervix turn towards the back when you’re pregnant? Also, what about the vaginal walls getting ‘thicker’ or ‘swollen’….?



    well today is cd 8 and i have 50 cpalmer so bring on the poas!!

    and yeah that’s what i heard about the clomid too but they recommend the cough syrup…never saw a difference though idk..



    I would just like to say to all the women with irregular cycles, if you are not taking vitex, it is worth a try. I have been TTC for 22 mths. for those that have been here a while will know my cycles are crazy anywhere from 14-44 days and completely all over the shop. When I am taking Vitex, within a month or 2, my cycles go back to 24-28 days(a huge difference!). As soon as I get slack and don’t take it they go awol again. So if any of you ladies are having trouble with irregular/long cycles it may be the supplement for you. Just thought I would share 🙂



    Depends on cycle length eeyore, but usually between CD 13 – 18 with your period starting 11 – 16 days after you ovulate.

Viewing 15 posts - 24,076 through 24,090 (of 131,346 total)

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