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    I don’t tempt at all. I just try and watch for the cm. I been feelin warm to the touch n having headaches like crazy w no relief from taking motrin. Still no af.



    i miss you guys……….week 5 forum isnt that talkative 🙁 so would you’s please hurry up and join me!!!???



    sillymamaof3 my bf sees it too hun iv got one for the morinin aand im so nervous! lol thanks hun xx



    Trying again, i know what you mean i have been the same. sadly especially with my hubby…i feel so bad for him he puts up with a lot.



    @LukesMommy08 – Thanks, I hope so. We use preseed and first time this cycle I used soft cups, so I hope we can get baby in my belly 🙂 At 9 DPO it could show , but not always.



    Each cycle that slips by, I’m forced to face more and more the possibility that ds may just be an only child. And it’s so frustrating because if I just had the money to do IUI, I KNOW it works for me! GRRRR!



    Hi girls, Wao I’m so excited to see so many of you testing on the 9th!!! I want to see all BFPs… praying for that. As for me, CD26, no pos OPK nor temp rise so I don’t know what is going on with my cycles now 🙁 Is quite frustrating. Happy day to you all!


    hmm…maybe its an implantation dip then….cuz yea that is an early start for AF



    Mommyof1ttc – surely you still have a chance… test again tomorrow or the day after? Everything else sounds really hopeful. 🙂



    Chas, so many here have has crazy AF this month! A longer af usually means your cervix was not staying open long enough to let all the blood out – or your uterine lining was just slow to ‘let go’


    Thanks Kristy…i been trying to look it up on the internet and it seems it can be a uncommon pregnancy symptom so that what im hoping for. I could not do it a few days ago so it is new for me… My AF is due on 5/16 but im stuck on when ill test. I rather see AF then a BFN…so i might wait until she is one day late before i test….if i can.



    8 DPO…. tick tock tick tock…. 😉



    Hi ladies. I am new to TTC. I am excited to be here. How many days early do you think I should test? I am due for AF sometime around 24 or 26th. I actually don’t know. My cycle was 30 days, then 28, then 24???? AHHH I don’t even know when I really O’d. I didn’t see the CM that I usually do. Good luck to all of you!!



    Jen. With my pregnancy with my daughter I didn’t get any symptoms until about 6 weeks. I found out at 7 weeks coz I had been throwing up for about a week.



    good luck w that ladybug. I said the same n temping is actually driving me more insane.. stupid ff keep interpreting something different. its annoying first it said I O at cd10 then it Said I O at cd19 now its saying I O at cd23.. its like come on!!! I stopped monitoring my cm kinda and I stopped w the opk . now dh wants me to restart everything all over… it would b nice sort of if ff is wrong and I did O earlier but I know that is what I been feeling these two days. and the last bd was cd19 doubt anything kept. ugh!

Viewing 15 posts - 24,151 through 24,165 (of 131,346 total)

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