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    Veganmama- I managed to consume an entire jar of pickled banana pepper rings the two days prior to my BFP. I could have eaten more if I had them! Could be a good sign! 🙂



    Still waiting for AF, but hoping it doesn’t show!! 🙂



    april oh yes without a doubt. now u need to change ur status to pregnant 🙂



    keep–Thanks i was just curious cuz im always reading and sometimes i get so confused ya know just to much info at one time i guess!



    happy birthday and4eva! FX’ed for you! WELCOME BACK, Natasha! today has been pretty ‘blaahhhhh’. I want to BD, but DH can’t keep his eyes open. he really thinks I’m pregnant already. he hid my smokes (*pouty face*) probably for the best tho, ehhh? well, hope everyone has a good week. think I’m going to test with FMU in the AM for curiosity’s sake. I just can’t seem to wait until the 8th.



    Hi ladies seeming how you have been my sanity and helped me out when I have been down thought I might share that I only have to wait another 20 days until dh is home for his break, and then another 7 days until I O and we can TTC.



    Here are my symptoms:

    1-5 DPO – Increased in CM TMI (An abundance of yellowish creamy) and slight cramping but not that bad. 6-7 DPO – a slight decrease in CM (moved from yellowish to white CM), sore bbs they achy to the touch, cramping, tired, hubby and I BDed and he noticed a difference in cervix that he never experienced only with pregnancy 8-10 increase in CM (Feeling wet downstairs and CM is cloudy clear and stretchy it comes out by itself) tired, cravings for sour things, achy boobs still (usually goes away when closer to AF) Gosh all these pregnancy sign but not enough proof. I tested on 8 DPO and 9 DPO and 10 DPO all BFN. Have given up and convinced myself that I won’t test unless I miss my period. I’m tired of staring at the BFN.



    I wouldn’t know a thing about calaries! But who cares they taste nice! Now I want chocolate 🙁 good on ya 😛 . God I better get off my bloody ass and do some house work :s haha



    Erin!!! I’m praying for you…. Definitely have my Fingers Crossed.. Lots of baby Dust to you!!! On another note, I think I had a ruptured cyst on my right side because I’m in so much pain and I’m spotting (brown blood)… OMG this is crazy!! X-( So pissed because I was hoping that I was finally ovulating… I guess we’ll see in two weeks… Sorry about the negative post.



    diane i have had hip pains on right side this month.if u had etpoic pregnancy does it show on a hpt?i hope thats not why im not getting +opks….maybe,think im just freaking myself out aye..


    Thank you terriann20 thank you, I refrained from taking them anyways. But thank you!!! =]



    Sassymom I got my IUD taken out on June 1st and my last AF was on June 23rd. So I got lucky like your friend but unfortunately just lost my babe 4 wks ago. Be prepared to get pregnant now cuz it’s possible!



    Exactly 7 wks pregnant I lost my little one…yesterday. I have never felt so devastated and sad….



    when you notice ewcm that is when you need to bd,, for some ladies ewcm stops when you actually O as the spermies need to be in there waiting,, which means with help from the ewcm from the days leading up to O…leesh are you doing opks?


    I am suppose to be ovulating but my test keep coming up negative. I have tested since Thursday (af came on Dec. 25th) and had the fainest line on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (very faint, barely seeable) and now not every that. I just don’t get it. This happened when I conceived my son too. Nothing then a week later a line appeared (turns out I was already pregnant). I just don’t understand why nothing everything shows up on the test.
    I have also tried checking my CM but that doesn’t really seem to be changing either. I am really hoping to get pregnant this month but can’t tell when I am ovulating. Any help!

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