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    also good luck to katmoma and sunflower, i went to the docs and they couldnt see me for my blood tests, even though i had an appointment????. so back i go again today, still got back ache and omg my skin is horrible!! BBS are sore, so if this isnt our month where the hell is my AF??? lol. im 16DPO xx


    Hi Ladies! I was on this site when I had my son (now 16mo) and loved the community. 🙂 Here we are TTC #2 and I am so excited! I have only had two cycles ppd, and since I am still nursing it is all over the place. Sending you all lots of sticky baby dust!!


    Lisa..Oh I dont blame you then..What CD again?



    Thinking if you terriann! Lots of women have bleeding in early pregnancy. Hope everything is ok!!! For piece if mind maybe you could ask your doc for quantitative hcg blood work for the next week. At least you would know. Littlesmith- good luck this cycle! Keep your chin up! Have you been to your doc? Annabelle’s- I’m using OPKs. Good luck!!



    Yup Excited – increased CM is quite normal – you’ll notice it more and more throughout the first trimester as your cervical plug forms. Sometimes needs a liner!



    Really feeling like AF is going to start :'( my hormones are so crazy I could throttle my husband ATM!



    A little late but, congrats USMCwife! I was working all day yesterday so never had any IAP time 🙁


    I had light tan spotting today again. I’ve had it the past two days as well. So it’s just happened 3 times when I wiped. that’s all. I am CD 25 and 12 dpo. And BFN tests. I’m so nervous. My boobs only hurt once like a week ago. But yesterday and today I’ve been SO SO tired!



    BFN! I’m going to have a beer.



    I’m thinking I might just try to BD when we fancy it this month, as I’m not sure about Dec anyway… who knows?! If it’s meant to be it will be! (Not sure I can actually fight my POAS addiction though…) 🙂 If it doesnt happen this month I will be waiting a few months and trying again in May/June time…



    Well cd11 for me. and Im cramping , a little early for O. hm. I guess will check tonight with opk. Lots and Lots BDing starting tonight.


    And congrats congrats lucky penny! Really hope to join you this month!!!



    Haha I like calling you duffy, I just like the idea of duffys up the duff lmao .. S.amos goodluck and I hope you get a sticky bfp to



    Coco- yes! Mine are a little sore today but I don’t know if it is a symptom or if it’s because I keep poking them lol!



    Okay, ladies, lets just move on to a different topic than that message before things get ugly.

Viewing 15 posts - 24,196 through 24,210 (of 131,346 total)

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